Winnie Registered User

My 1 year old son has a streaming nose and a bit of a cough, he is not sleeping great. Would ideally like to avoid plying him with Calpol so wondering if anyone has any other tips for helping them with cold?

Moonbeam Moderator

Have you tried a spoon of honey and a hot drink?

Winnie Registered User

No, is honey ok for them now?

liliq Registered User

Honey is ok after 1 as far as i know.
For the cough you can get glycerine with out honey either.
A humidifier type set up might help at night?
Might he have a touch of hayfever?

NotInventedHere Registered User

Water, Neurofen kids and calpol. Alternate between the Neurofen and Calpol, sticking to the dosage instructions.

theLuggage Registered User

+1 on humidifier we found it great - especially the one you could put some olbas oil drops into. Failing that put some olbas oil or karvol on some material and hang it near baby but out of their reach - thats the tricky part! Found mine slept better with the menthol in the air.

If using a humidifier make sure to ventilate the room well next day - we forgot once and found mould starting to grow on window frame.

Honey is fine after 1 year but for anyone with baby under one Pharmony is glycerine (I think) without honey and worked well for us - found it in a doc morris.

billbond4 Registered User

Before bedtime Bring kettle into bathroom and don't have too much water in it, leave the lid off and turn it on.
when its steamy in bathroom, bring baby in there for a while.
Good idea not to wear too much while in there

billbond4 Registered User

Boot,s have plug in vapouriser which is quiet good

How Strange Registered User

The olbas battery operated vaporizer is good but very hard to find refills. I drop half a karvol capsule on this mattress and he usually sleeps great. No waking because of a bunged up nose. You can use soothes cough medicine from 1 year and it's great for coughs

saralou2011 Registered User

Try snuffle baby it the (same as vapour rub), you can get it in the chemist. rub on his/her chest. if they have a dummy put a bit of it on top of the dummy so it near their nose.

cbyrd Registered User

Karvol, saline spray, nurofen cos it last 8 hours instead of 4 for calpol.. steamy bathroom tilt his cot up at the top or put a pillow under his mattress to lift his head.. stops so much goo going in the chest throat and waking them up..

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IvyTheTerrible Moderator

Maybe get one of those little suction things to get the snot out of his nose (sorry for the grossness!). Our nephew is 14 months old and gets the odd cold and his parents find it great for helping him sleep and eat. Propping him up a bit helps too.

pwurple Registered User

Everything cbyrd has above. Karvol on the bed linen, tilt the cot up a smidge, and the baby neurofen.

Winnie Registered User

Well his running nose is clearing up so its mainly his cough, he was coughin a bit during the night last there such a thing as a baby cough bottle??

xzanti Moderator

Winnie said:
Well his running nose is clearing up so its mainly his cough, he was coughin a bit during the night last there such a thing as a baby cough bottle??

Must be doing the rounds at the minute, my little guy has exactly the same thing he woke himself up 6 times last night with the cough.. Poor little guy.. and he was all set to start Playgroup today.. talk about timing

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