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Its all about visibility!!!

i'll be perfectly honest, a women walking at what looks to be 34-40+ years of age with sagging skin and wearing clothes to show off the ink is rotten, but if they are tasteful then there isnt a problem. as for job opportunities take a look at this pic

Nuff said!!!

on that note, take a look at this woman:

compared with:

granted the 2nd is COVERED!!!!! i feel that if if the tattoos are tasteful and have a story/meaning then there isnt a problem. if you are like the 2nd woman and you are tattooing every square inch of yourself for the sake of it then there can and will be problems.

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Jimmy Bottlehead Registered User

If you're making decisions based on the feelings of future kids and grand-kids not yet born, then you're doing it wrong.

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Amel1727 Registered User


I can to answer you because I'm a woman with tattoo .
Actually, I have 4 tattoo and I will meet my tatooist June 22 to make 2 over tattoo.

For my part, I think that tattoo will don't shock when I will be old because a lot of person will have tattoo.
So, I'm a little bit rock n roll, It's my way to express me.

I work in communication sector, my tattoo are not a problem ... For the moment !

See you and sorry for my language, I'm french.

ZombieBride Closed Account

This thread again.

Anyway, I'm riddled with tattoos, large ones covering all but my hands, neck and face. There are people who have known me for years that don't know i have tattoos. they have never stopped me getting a job, i just wear long sleeves and pants... sorted.

Princess Peach Registered User

My feeling about tattoos will look bad on you when your old-You're gonna look awful and old anyway, may as well have some fantastic art on your body for your good years!

I plan on having a professional job, so any tattoos I get will go in discrete places, which is a lot of places because you aren't gonna be showing a lot of skin in a professional job anyway! I would have loved a lip piercing but I was always conscious of the hole it will leave when I take it out.

Cover yourself in tattoos if you want! You're back is massive and will never be seen, and if you want full sleeves, they can easily be covered too. All you really need to avoid is neck, hands and face.

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bodice ripper Registered User

My tattoos clearly make a lot of people uncomfortable, particularly when first meeting me. Sometimes it bothers me.

Recently i have been thinking: good. I am a short little dumpy woman who looks a lot younger than she is. Anything that will make people approach me with a little more thought and respect, rather than assuming I am a harmless little girl, is useful.

Maybe I *am* the kind of woman your mother warned you about - mind your manners...

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Tattoos on women make them automatically sexier than other women, for me anyway! And on a side note when I'm 60 and old and wrinkled and suffering from all types of diseases I won't be thinking "oh why oh why did I get a tattoo at 20 " also I'm studying economics and finance in college I have my ears stretched my lip pierced and my tragus Pierced and a tattoo on my neck ( it can be hidden with a shirt ) I've had plenty of part time jobs and have had no problems in internship interviews so far because I informed everyone that they can be hidden very easily if needed.

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Melion Banned

Anyone who is unsure about women with tattoos. Just go on to facebook and search for "Tattooed Women", probably my favourite page on the internet

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mossy95 Registered User

Women with tatoos is a turnoff

juan.kerr Closed Account

There's a stunner at work with a small tattoo on her neck, visible when she wears her hair up. I still would though.

sweeney1971 Registered User

What I tend to find here is that if someone posts a comment no one agree's with, they are ripped to pieces. A tattoo on a man, he can get away with it. On a young girl it screams out.
As for languages I speak four which one would you like it in kids?

1966 Registered User
Princess Peach Registered User

1966 said:
depends on the age of the person really..................


Take away the tattoo and she's still old and saggy though. At least she has something she likes on her body.

By the looks of it, Jimi Hendrix signed her cleavage and she got it tattooed on, which would be an awesome story if it were true! I'd love a gran like that!

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messrs Registered User

I have 3 tattoos and would like a few more.
mine are on my back and shoulders so are covered up all the time and cant be seen unless i show them to someone.
i got them all , as they each mean something to me - when i talk about tattoos to people they always say to me ill regret it when im older, but the way i look at it is, i dont see them on a daily basis myself so its not like ill get sick of looking at them or anything!!

bodice ripper Registered User

mossy95 said:
Women with tatoos is a turnoff

For me, it is illiteracy.

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