FoxPigeon Registered User

I'm in an alternative band called Psychedelic Fox Pigeon.

We're in an annoying position.

We have a 45 minute set of originals we're happy with.
We don't have any proper recordings except for a song we wrote ages ago (which we all despise) which we have now dropped and sounds nothing like our current style.

We don't have a lot of money so we can't spend a lot on a demo.

Does anyone know any cheap recording studios which give decent quality recordings?
We only need to record, we have a guy for mixing.

goblin59 Registered User

where are you based?

FoxPigeon Registered User

We're based in Thurles, Tipperary but are willing to travel to areas which are easy accessible by public travel. (None of us can drive.)

goblin59 Registered User

just sent you a PM

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