Gatling Registered User

Seriously inawe when hearing about peoples large collections ,

Due to lack of cash and space going to start building a pistol collection ,
TM 5.1 hicapa
TM 4.3 dual stainless
ICS 551
King Arms galil Mar
SRC G 36c
Jg G36 c

Next on the list

TM 4.3 black -
TM Desert Warrior
TM 1911 -
TM glock 17 -
and a tanio koba usp
Roll on fathers day next month

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MerryDespot Registered User

Jesus, where to start.

King Arms Galil
G&G LR 300
G&P SR16 URX Shorty
Ares Tavor
Ares/Magpul Masada (such a useless aeg - never waste money on one of these lads, complete disaster)
G&P Magpul MOE M4
VFC HK 416
VFC Scar L
VFC Robinson Arms XCR
DBoys KAC PDW (upgraded with full VFC internals)
LCT AK 105

WE Scar L
WE HK 416

KSC HK USP (full size)
TM Sig p226 E2
TM FN FiveseveN
TM MEU 1911
Army MEU 1911
KJW Ruger Mark 1
Socom Gear Ruger Mark 3

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bullets Registered User

Had a look around my place not sure If I've got them all or not
but at a rough 11 O'Clock Friday night Drunk count here is what I see dumped in the corners in my house.

In order of how my drunk eyes spotted them piled up.
King Arms FAL
King Arms L1A1
Star L1A1
ICS 6 shot grenade Launcher
Boyi/Dboys AK74
Jing Gong G36C
Sten Gun (cant remember brand)
Army AK47 (all ABS with insane ROF)
Classic Army SA58 OSW
JLS Beretta Storm
DE Ump (with bits missing)
VSR springer (clone unknown brand)
A&K dragunov with wood kit
Army SA80 electric blow back
Classic Army Steyr AUG A1
Gunfire M4 stubby upgraded to fuk
Mauser L96 bolty (possible a well brand re-branded)
Snow wolf M99 Barrett
Zeta Labs SA58 carbine
G&G F2000 Hunter (G2010)
TM G3 with missing butt plate and flash hider grrrr
Star AW338 (a masterpiece)
Dboys KAR98 shell ejecting
Army M14
Classic Army SL8
M14 Scout (cant remember brand) [EDIT CYMA]
Also Cyma MP5 behind it [that I did not see when drunk last night]
Well MP7
Shot Gun springer 3 round burst (cant remember brand but el cheapo)
Both Elephant Type 89
Unknown Gun that I've scribbled while drunk and cant read my own writing.
Dboys M4A1
Dboys M4CQB
Jing Gong Aug A2 just sold!
A&K M249
A&K M60
RPG7 (cant remember brand)

Maurshin 44 Automag
Maurshin FN57
KJW P226 black
KJW P229
Tangfolio Custom Gold
Dan Wesson 8" revolver
Wingun 6" revolver
Mauser Broom Handle thingy me bob
Maurshin PPK James Bond Edition
TM Hi Cappa 5.1 with lots of mods
We Hi Cappa Dragon with cut slide
Marushin Super Black Hawk 8mm Colt thingy
Marushin C75 shell ejecting GBB
Western Arms Hybrid Hi Cappa Infinity SVD
WE Browning
Tanaka Browning
WE M92 Gold Plated Limited edition
Marushin Derringer
Mini Uzi C02 (cant remember brand)
KWC Desert Eagle
WE M1911
Glock 17 springer
Maurshin Glock 21 shell ejecting
Army R45 detonics Silver ABS
Army R45 detonics Black Metal
Marushin P99
We/Socom Gear M1911 Gold plated limited edition
Army MEU in Gold
ACM M945 Crome M1911 fish scale edition
KWA M11A1 Ingram GBB
P362 Well APS hand cocking Pistol (Olympic style pistol)

[EDIT sometimes I confuse Maruzen with Marushin sorry!]
Thought I had more so am a little disapointed.

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Inari Registered User

Very impressive lists guys, now they're collections!

On my list to buy:
- Maruzen PPK
- Maruzen P99
- Tokyo Marui XDM
- WE Browning
- Shell Ejecting M870 (Tanaka or Maruzen - even though I know they're both suckish, I still want )
- WE G36C
- WE Baby Capa 3.8 Silver
- HK3P Biohazard Barry Burton Custom
- Tokyo Marui G17 FG
- Tanaka Works VP70M (wishlist...stupid Resident Evil fixation)
- KSC M9
- WA M9
- WA2000

and unfortunately a whole pile more

Darth Phoenix Registered User

Well anyone that knows me I'm both a skirmisher and collector. The way i aim my collection at is one of each type and of each make so i try to best the best ak from the most notable brand in terms of looks and performance.
More times than not, i tend to add my own personal touch that no one else has. Something i feel every airsofter aim's to achieve at some point.

Below are a list of my current stuff;

- ACM P90 with M4 adapter and RIS
- A&K M60 E4 "Pig" Being rebuilt
- A&K M60 VN "Bronson" Being fixed
- A&K M16 being rebuilt and modernised, project Black wolf.Work in progress
- A&K SVD with revarnished wood kit and psop scope
- Ares Tavor 21 Getting another piston......again
- Ares Magpul Masada adding a Wii tech hop unit in it
- Classic Army G36K being giving a external overhaul so far.
- Classic Army SL8 / Punisher rifle. No longer a dmr , more overkill
- Classic Army AK 105, gonna give it a kreb look
- Dboys M4 CQBR being customisd to look like the M4 from Punisher Warzone
- G&G Scar with gearbox overhaul and drop in switch mosfet and other stuff
- G&G Gr 16 with clone magpul stuff on it "rental"
- G&G M14 Socom
- GnP M16A3 with nade launcher, was OD "shivers" now its black and work in progress with some personal touches to it
- GnP M4 Zombie Killer with a rebuilt gearbox "was too slow" and some added features, working in progress.
- JG G3 SAS, in parts awaiting a rebuild
- JG G36C, Rental
- JG A3 with custom paintjob and A3 upper reciver and cqb reciever
- King Arms Sig holo converted to DMR and recently rebuilt
- KJw 1911 meu
- Kwc 1911A1 X2
- Real Sword SVD with real steel psop scope enough said it's sexy
- Tokyo Marui AK47 with GnP wood and metal body kit
- Tokyo Marui L96 with paint job
- Tokyo Marui VSR G-spec
- Tokyo Marui M4-S system
- Tokyo Marui 1911 custom with metal guarder frame and Pachmayr grip
- VFC 416 old version with real trade markings

I have other things but ther pressies im making for pals

I think thats it , have a few beers drank so not entirly sure.

Here is some of ones i plan to get / make

- Cyma AK74U
- ICS L86 A2
- King Arms
- M2 Browning, more than one
- 1919 Browning
- M 134
- Lightstrike vehicle like this , I'm building one at the moment
- I know its impossble but i love a Warmachine from Iron man in airsoft form
- Wanna put a chainsaw onto a aeg or get off my ass and make the Lancer gun from Gears of war like this

And thats only some of things i would like .


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Puding Registered User

I would consider my self a collector and a player with the collection extending to the whole impression loadout as the aeg is just one part of the hobby to me ( to gather with any accessory that make either an accurate impression or replica ) to me it has moved away from just I have an M4 to I have created an early Iraqi Freedom m4a1 based of these reference photos

As I say the aeg are not the scar part it is the other gear tbh, when I moved house I had over 300+ liters of magazines, other half was not happy

Soviet Afgan Era

VFC Aks74u
VFC AK74 + 1PN58
RMW RPG + RPG Optics
RPK 47
A&K svd with full wood furniture

VDV Impressions summer/winter

Cold War Early 90s

VFC AK74 with plum furniture + Grenade launcher

Flora Impression
Chechnya Impression

To many to list types of camo and equipment

Modern Russian

VFC AK74m + GP25
Realsword SVD + polymer furniture
RPG 22
Cyma RPK74
Ares SVDs
Tm G17

To many to list types of camo and equipment


TM M14
G&P Colt Commando
G&P m16v
A&K M60

Late War US Marine

Ares m16 + M203
m14 DMR

Early/late war US Army Ranger

Ares M4a1
VFC Scar heavy
G&P Mk46
Ares M110
TM 1911

To many to list types of camo and equipment

German KSK

Ares G36k KSK
Star G36
Ares Aw338

To many to list types of camo and equipment

Coming Soon

VAL (pre ordered)
Bizon (pre ordered)

Other stuff which is random or sold

TM VSR all upgraded
Well L96 all upgraded
VFC Scar L
VFC combat master
Snowwolf M82
Star FNC
Ares G36c
Ares G36k
Star Ump
Star M60 Mk43
Kalash AK74
Cyma AKM modern PMC
TM Sig 552
Ares Tavor
TM P90

and some of stuff I can not remember I would say

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sliabh Registered User

This thread is a bit like an online self help group "I have 30 AEGs, I have a problem. But it's been a month since I added to my collection, and 3 days since I caught myself looking at Hong Kong websites..."


Would love to describe myself as a skirmisher, but I get out so little these days I might as well be a collector (all going well I will be out in Limerick next week though).

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Inari Registered User

sliabh said:
This thread is a bit like an online self help group "I have 30 AEGs, I have a problem. But it's been a month since I added to my collection, and 3 days since I caught myself looking at Hong Kong websites..."

3 days? You deserve a medal!

sliabh Registered User

I forgot to add that most people's collections seem to era/theme based e.g. Russian-Afghan, US Vietnam etc.

If you had to group what I own it 2/3 fall into Heckler & Koch replicas (3 x USP variants, MP5, MP7, G36, 416).

Inari Registered User

There is no method to the madness that is my airsoft collection. I buy what I like, and in some instances what I like to change and turn into a project.

Not going to lie, half of the time the projects are out of boredom - I am (most of the time) not basing the guns off of any real world equivalent, and am just building them to have the features I want, and then matching performance to it.

On the project pile I have:
- Sig 551 DMR
- H&K MK23 MGS1 build (yes, I am a nerd.)
- Custom 1911 x2 (two random 1911's with external overhauls, with performance upgrades where necessary)

One of the more depressing aspects of my collection is the accessories - I find myself (especially now) buying accessories for each rifle, rather than porting them over. In my head it's because it's finishing the guns off, but I do have to question that seems a little excessive

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Stealthirl Registered User

I guess these days i just dont get time to go out.
Only have a small collection

Mauser SR Pro Tactical
Blackwater Sniper/DMR
King Arms M4
G&G F2000
Cheep P90

KJ Works KP-06
TM Glock17
Colt 1911 A1 - 100th Anniversary Limited Edition

The only 2 must gets for me are a A&K M60VN and a GBB TM Glock18

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Inari Registered User

Very nice collection, and even nicer displayed.

I once drew up plans/designs for a cabinet to house my guns; rifles were hidden away, as were majority of pistols...however the nicer showier pieces would be displayed behind glass.

The concept was for when folks would visit whom had kids, that it was all locked away, and couldn't be used (just on the freak chance there happened to be BB & battery/gas in

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DeBurca Not as friendly as before

I suppose you could call me a collector/plinker, well I certainly have a few pistols and AEGs at present
Have had an even larger quantity of them pass through my hands at one time or another
Yes I like to have them fondle them and also shoot them but I tend to tire easily and like to change a lot

Current Pistols
Marushen P99 ( with 38rnd extended mag )
KJW Glock 32c
KWA USP Compact System 7
KJ Works MK1 Pistol
Eric Grauffel Custom 1911

Current AEGs
Classic Army P90 Tri-rail with forward RIS (short stroked and 363mm Tight bore barrel fitted)
G&G GR15 Raider Tan
Classis Army B&T MP5
G&G FS51
AUG A2 Civilian
G&G Fn2000
Galaxy MP5K (earmarked for a high speed set up with a Magpul MOE stock)
JG AUG A1 Military
G&G GR26
King Arms Galil

Pistols I have owned
7" We H-cappa Dragon
KWA Glock 18c
TM Chrome Desert Eagle
ASG C60 Compact
KWA Glock 18c + long Mag
KJW Glock 23
WE Hi-cappa 5.1M
WE Baby Cappa
Meister Glock 17
We Baby Cappa chrome
KJW Sig 226
TM Chrome Desert Eagle (with 170% recoil springs & rods )
Tanio Koba USP ( Limited Edition )
KWA Glock 34
We Hicapa 5.1 M
HFC Desert Eagle
KSC USP Full Size
KWA M92 1A Elite
KWA USP Compact
KSC USP Full Size with Shooters Design Metal Slide
Double Eagle M202 AEP
Bell 1911
Glock 18c AEP
TM Biohazard M9
2 x Colt match 1911
KJ Works Glock G27
WE Hicappa 4.3
M&P CO2 Pistol
WE Hicapa Dragon

AEGs I have owned
Galaxy MP7
Galaxy MP5K
JG HK416
TM PSG1 Rifle
Well Scorpion
Galaxy MP5K
Dboys Scar
JG A47-03 Dragunov
JG AK 47 Railed
JG HK 416
Classic Army M15A4
Dboys S System
CYMA AK47 CM 042s
JLS FN2000
AUG Civilian
Camo G&G GR15 Blowback
Classic Army M15A4
Dboys 416
TM M4 with CA gearbox
CYMA AK Tactical
G&G Raider
Star Scar
G&G long Full Metal raider
AUG Civilian
G&G M4,
King Arms M16
DeBurca M4
Classic Army M15A4
DeBurca M4 CQB
Military AUG
Classic Army P90 RD with forward RIS
AGM Stubby killer
Classic Army M4 Proline
Dboys Scar
Galaxy MP5K PDW
G&G M4 Camo
Galaxy MP5K
M4 Tiger stripes
ICS Sig 552

Right now She who must be obeyed says that I have to reduce my collection which I am currently doing, but what she does not know if that I have metal bodies, gearboxes, barrels, rails etc to build many many more
I also enjoy going into the innards of them which for me is the really fun part and in all I have had I have been into all bar 3 or 4 of them for either repair, overhaul or upgrade

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Captain Chaos Registered User

I have only ever been a collector. Never got around to a game and cut backs have put my airsoft collection form growing on hold for good I think.

Current collection:
KJW P226 x2
KJW P229 x2
KJW Glock 23
KJW Glock 32C
KSC USP .45 System 7
KSC USP C System 7
KSC Glock 17
KSC Glock 18C x2
KSC M9 System 7
Army M1911 A1
Army Glock 17
WE M1911 A1
Socom Gear Wilson Combat M1911 A1
TM Five SeveN

CA Steyr AUG A1
Star L85 A2
Ares TAR 21
G&G F2000
TM P90
G&P M16A2

AGM M4A1 x2
VFC/Umarex HK416

Well AW.338 gas (Star AW.338 clone).

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Inari Registered User

One item I have been fighting with myself over the past forever (even started a thread about them way back when) is the shell ejecting M870's.

I'd love to pick up the Tanaka Works M870 with a tonne of shells, and even though it is universally accepted that they catastrophically fail...part of me still really wants one

Just look at it ...Beautiful

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