fiestywonder Registered User

If i had received a beautiful present like that for my wedding i would treasure it for the rest of my life, that would be more than enough for me! if i were you id just leave it at the picture, I bet it will be the best gift they will receive!

James Howlett Registered User

I'm getting married later this year, if someone painted us a videogame inspired picture as a present I think it would be better than any cash present

Gatica Registered User

CiDeRmAn said:
I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks, along with the better half.
As a wedding present I offered to paint the two a picture of their choice.

I think that's the reason your partner wants to throw in a few bob. You painted, you gave it your time, you're framing it. She probably feels like she hasn't contributed to that gift, personally I'd probably feel that way too.
Could she maybe put in something she thinks is appropriate herself? That way she'll feel like she contributed to the gift too. (Even though I know that as a couple the wedding gifts are usually from the both of you, this one is still very much from you).
If you don't want attention because of your lovely painting on their wedding day, you can always wrap it and give it to the best-man who usually takes care of such details.

carolinespring Registered User

What a amazing perfect gift. Nothing more than a card is required to go with the gift. We got a painting by a artist friend for our wedding and it hangs with pride o our sitting room wall. We valued all the hours of work that went into making such a special gift as a reminder of our very special day.

poppet1 Registered User

I often think that giving a second present somehow devalues the first. Your painting idea is great. Adding a gift voucher or some wine glasses would take away from it.

John Mason Hosted Moderator

I think that is a lovely idea

we got a number of homemade gifts and tbh i preferred them to the standard wine glasses and towels.

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