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yet another hole in my trousers... I don't get why this keeps happening!?

cynder Registered User

Husbands hit chicken salad is now a cold chicken salad, his late...

ellieh1 Registered User

Having tacos for dinner yum yum

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Links234 said:

yet another hole in my trousers... I don't get why this keeps happening!?

Try not to bend over

PhysiologyRocks Registered User

Would anyone like to go babysitting in my place?

cynder Registered User

His home

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grindelwald said:
Don't talk to me about petrol, we are tipping on1.70.

When I first started driving 5/6 years ago it was tipping off the euro mark.

I can still remember my dad filling up the car and it was 29pence a liter.

Most of that is tax,

It was 89.9c when I started driving 6/7 years ago, €25 used to get me from Kerry to Galway, now it's €45ish for the same trip My mother's car used to take €50 to fill it, it took €80 last week.

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just collected my belongings from what was mine and my ex's house. its no longer mine now!

on a side note- im new here so hello, hope to be a regular in tLL!

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grindelwald said:
Try not to bend over

they're my favourite pair of combats. I'll have to get them repaired.

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Can you not sew them

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Right so i've big fat project thingy to finish. If i get it done tonight/tomorrow early, then i'm heading down the country. Want to visit my grans grave, havent been near family or her house (5 hours away) since she died, and since she was always there, i've feeling it'll kill me to be there and not see her but its what i gotta do to move on. so my plan is 2/3pm tomorrow be finished/ in car.
Wish me luck!

Vinta81 Registered User

Dinner for one

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Honey-ec said:
Eh, hell to the yeah!

Jesus, chillax, dude, I wasn't having a go at you.

PM sent.

Kiera Closed Account

I'd sleep for a week if I ate that. Just back from day 6 of c25k. My shins kill but it's good pain

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PhysiologyRocks said:
I was looking for a childhood photograph to frame for my cousin's 18th. I found hundreds of others too. It was actually really nice to look through them all.

(I got the idea to give her an old photo from watching That 70s Show. )
This is a lovely idea.

One of my cousins gave me a photo of my on my Communion it a lovely silver frame, one of the best presents I've ever gotten.

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