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Hi guys,

I booked some ryanair flight and have accidently put mr instead of mrs in for one of the persons I only noticed this since i checked in.

I tried ringing ryanair but cant get through. I have already checked in and read on their site that there is fees for changing name and also for uncheckin in to change the names.

Will i get away with it as the boarding pass has no mr or mrs on it. However bags have to be checked so they may cop it then?


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Don't worry i have done it before and just went to the desk with my boarding pass and there was no problems,

you could phone up ryanair but i wouldnt bother as it will be fine.

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jd83 Registered User

thanks for the reply. Yh i dont mind ringing ryanair its just that ive already checked in and they might charge to uncheckin to change it. So dont want to draw attention to it. Sure if they cop at the airport ill just have to pay to get it changed.

Lapin Banned

Say nothing.

If you get hassle at the airport, tell them you've had a sex change since you made the booking and watch them back away and wave you on.

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