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Just propose.

She probably isn't interested in the whole fussy surprise hollywood proposal. It sounds like you are more into that than her, hence the reason for never getting around to it. It's as if it has to be perfect for you to propose.
Even now you are more worried that the warm fuzzy feelings of the surprise engagement may have been ruined rather than worrying about securing your future with this woman.
She loves you. She has spent 6 years with you and she wants a future with you. Shouldn't that mean more to you than feeling a bit miffed than you were 'backed into a corner'. She hasn't backed you into a corner, by the way.She has just given you a boot up the behind because she wants a future with you and you are driving her nuts. Be flattered, go with it. PROPOSE

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amtc Registered User

You're making her sound like she's wrong.

If I were her, I wouldn't say yes. You've been together so long and talked about it, it's the next logical step. Grow a pair mate

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I got engaged on Friday!!!! I'm over the moon, can't stop smiling. It was a surprise, my bf brought me to my favourite spot in Glendalough and I was taking a picture of the lake and when I turned around he was on one knee holding the most beautiful diamond solitare ring ever!!! It was so romantic. He asked for my Dad's blessing on Wednesday and then went and bought the ring all by himself and then proposed, why was it so special and romantic? Because I'm f*cking mad about him and I know he feels the same about me.

So yeah OP, it doesn't need to be fire works in Paris. Get a ring, bring her somewhere she likes and ffs ask her. I really hope it's not too late!

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6 years isn't that bad. The best thing you could do is talk about your relationship with your gf about the future and where do you see yourself going. Yeah it's a little frustrating when you don't know if its ever going to happen but it wouldn't be something I would just leave someone over until we talked about it.

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OP, no offence but your girlfriend sounds insane. I completely agree with you that it wouldn't be special anymore even if you gave in to th bratty behaviour.
6 years isn't exactly an eternity and her reaction is way over the top.
You'll just resent her for this on the future. Better off telling madam to try the princess act on somebody else. They're not all idiots.

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Any update OP?
Have you met up etc??

I am going out with my BF with 6 yrs we are really happy together. Building a house at the moment. We know we are forever (committed to a house anyway). We are both in late 20's.
If i really wanted to get engaged I would have asked him this year - leap year! But everyone is different.

I hope ye have sorted it out and discussed your future & will end up happy ever after!

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DAT64 - asking for updates is against forum rules.

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DAT64 Registered User

DAT64 - asking for updates is against forum rules.

Please acquaint yourself with the forum charter HERE.


Oops sorry, I take it back.

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