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For anyone looking for insulation for their conversion job.

I came across this on
Seems good, anyone here used it?

£130 for the kit.
To save you clicking on the link
We have for sale insulation and sound proofing kits for vans. The kit contains 4 rolls of bubble wrap foil insualtion, 2 rolls of soundproofing material, 5 cans of 750ml high temperature spray adhesive and 1 roll of foil tape and fitting instructions which will be sent via email/Ebay message. This is enough materials to insulate and soundproof a medium size van such as a short/long wheel base Ford Transit/ VW Transporter T4/T5. The foil insulation rolls are 10 metres long by 50cms wide. This insulation is ideal for vans/campervans/caravans/motorhomes not only does it keep the van warm in the winter but it will also keep it cool in the summer.
The soundproofing material is made from PE foam and is ideal for the soundproofing and insulation of vans/campervans/motorhomes/caravans. It is lightweight, easy to install, mould into curves/corners and has excellent sound proofing and can be used on the floor, walls, doors or roof. The rolls are 12 metres long by 40cms wide.

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Looks a bit expensive to me... I got the thermal wrap in B&Q for €13 and aluminium tape for €8, one roll of each just about did me for my Caravelle. I put a layer of thermal wrap followed by sheeps wool followed by another layer of thermal wrap. For a panel van such as a T4/T5 I'd imagine two rolls of the wrap and two rolls of tape should cover the panels and roof. As for soundproofing, I personally think it's a little overated. A bit of flash band on the panels should be plenty in my opinion.

Also, that kit doesn't contain any insulation under the foil wrap. You can get a roll of Eco stuff in B&Q for €20. So to break it down and have a panel van fully insulated you'd be looking at the following:

2x Thermal Wrap = 26
2x Aluminium Tape = 16
2x EcoWool = 40
1x Flash Band = 10??

€92 total. Save yourself around €50 from that ebay kit and have a better insulated van with the EcoWool thrown in.

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Most of that bubblewrap stuffs r value come from the recommended airgap either side its core r value is negligible so on its own its pretty useless. And pe foam soundproofing is a joke think camping mat, stick a bit of camping mat to your panels and see how much sound proofing you get, you need a large thickness at that kind of density to have any effect.

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