need a aeg Registered User

Unfortunately I really need this gone to commence with upgrades so p90 with 4 mids and one high
.79 j
Tempt me with trades ,but only interesting guns (m4 area) but wiTh a bit of pzazz
Asking is €190 considering the mags alone would cost €150 new
All mags feed perfectly

reaper501 Registered User

dude would u trade for a full metal m9 with 2 mags and a canaster of gas

need a aeg Registered User

not a chance sorry

box27 Registered User

Any pics? And what brand is it?

need a aeg Registered User

its classic army , new gearbox shell and anti-reversal latch , recently re shimmed and re greaqsed heres pics

box27 Registered User
Digy123 Registered User

79 FPS or .79 J?

need a aeg Registered User

sorry my bad im mean .79 j

facemelter Registered User

any interest in an mp5 ? i have a thread up

need a aeg Registered User


need a aeg Registered User

get up

SlappyTheSeal Registered User

Upload picss?

SlappyTheSeal Registered User

Nevermind. See you put some up already.

airsoftisfun Registered User

are u intrested in trades for the p90 and the mag you can keep the other stuff in the picture i have a jg aug a2 which is missing a hop up unit as it has broke when the hop up and inner barrel fell of my bench in my room it was chronoing at 300 fps but the gearbox needs to be reshimmed but the gear box functions but its fairly loud when it does ie it has to be reshimmed the main reason i want to trade for your p90 is i need a smaller aeg to be used as a secondary with my ebr or an aps m4 cqb thats needs a new switch assembely and hop up unit cause the orginal is fu**ed it also chronoed at around 297-305 i bought both guns at the same time they both come with 1 high cap mag

if u have any further questions feel free to ask me

both guns are in very condition
im based in north dublin and can meet up on most airsoft sites in dublin

SpektorDyl Registered User

ill give you my spetz with a silencer and 1 hi-cap mag, no battery and its wired to deans! but cause its mine you know its firing sweet almost as war hardened as frosties one! and if you have a battery that you wanna use with it i will stick deans on it for you.
or i'll just put tamiya connectors back on the gun lol

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