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The benefits of having a bit of mild poison under the armpits far outweigh the risks.

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'salt of the earth' spray deodorant, you can buy it in Holland & Barrett. no aluminum, chlorohydrate, paragons or alcohol. doesn't leave white marks on your cloths like lynx does afterwards


Hal Emmerich said:
Is their such a thing? One without butane, propane or whatever they put in them nowadays and that actually works?

Soda Bread

im not joking, its also better for you when brusing ur teeth as them toothpastes have the same crap in them as deodorants do.

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lynx deodorant has no aluminium in it. its anti perspirant does.


there's a reason they are called a shower in a bottle, no it just masks it, rank really

If you shower in the morning a spray of deodorant will effectively mask the smell of normal sweating fine til that evening. Don't see how that's rank

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got a great Deodorant stick from France its made of Alum Crystals, all natural. I think Osma Laboratories make it.

Must wet it to use it but it works fantastic and lasts for ages.

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