shanecrane Registered User

Hi, I am in the process of buying a new house but I am facing a few problems. The vendor is a developer who is in serious finacial trouble because of the housing crash and seems to be having trouble getting lendor charges cleared from the property. There was initial two charges on the property that we knew about and he is working on getting them vacated however, a third charge has just cropped up. I know it is my solicitors job to check that the title is clear but is there any way I can double check this or how can I be 100% sure that I am not buying a house with outstanding charges?

Senna Registered User

AFAIK only solicitors could get that information. You can voice your concerns to your own solicitor, but they do check a number of times.

Paulw Moderator

That's what you hire a solicitor for. They're supposed to check that.

Bluehair Registered User

I'm not sure if this is possible but could you get your solicitor to make the contracts such that any undisclosed or subsequently discovered charges against the property remain his liability and not yours?

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