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Im planning on taking a trip to US and I know how rigid and time-consuming the immigration can be. I want to take a flight that pre-clears immigration in Ireland. I would like to mak this as 'easy' as possible since in the past Ive had bad experiences with US immigration. In your experiences Shannon or Dublin airport is better regards the immigration? Which one proves to be less stressful, faster and more efficient? Its hard for me to decide that which airport to pick because I read both good and bad about both of them. I just want to make sure that I will be choosing the one that has a smoother immigration process. Any advice will be appreciated!Thank you very much in advance :-)

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Well I find Shannon much less stressful in general and would chose to fly from there rather than Dublin given the choice. It's smaller and not as busy so there is less queues and you dont have miles to walk to get to your gate. The same pre clearance is available at both so I can't imagine that one is less rigid than the other as a rule. I would still pick Shannon to avoid the crowds and stress of Dublin Airport.

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well we had a flight to new jersey in november from shannon, flight was at 9am, we arrived just after 8am, checked in, got through security and through immigration by 8.20am

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Thank you guys for your advices:-) It seems like I might be opting Shannon over Dublin airport simply because it is less crowded! Thank you again and wish me good luck:-)

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Definitely Shannon.

I have flown Continental a couple of times, 9am flight.
As a non-US national, it is best to be in check in line at 6-30am, you'll get away with 6-45am.
Check bags, relax and head through security - thorough, friendly and fast.
If you smoke, there is a smoking area airside, behind the Duty Free Shop!
US immigration opens at about 7-15am for half an hour, will be announced over pa system.
Again suggest heading through when it opens or within 10 minutes or so (US citizens can leave it untill last minute as they'll clear in seconds).
You go through US security (i.e. shoes off, hand luggage X-rayed) takes a minute, then up to the immigration & customs officer.

They are polite, friendly and thorough. Will ask a couple of questions, show you a photo of your checked bags and then stamp and clear you.

If they call you to secondary, it may be for a bag check - unlikely, or for more questions. The advantage here is that they have time to go through your record (and possibly already have before you are called in, so if you are genuine, you should be cleared quickly). And Shannon does'nt get a lot of high risk passengers!

However, it's not a soft touch as its so small that they check things properley - you will not get in if not qualified for entry to US, and your bags are x-ray'd, so keep within your allowances!

But it's such a nice airport to depart from. Also nice to arrive at.

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