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3 and a half mile in 40 mins- was running wth someone so was only a slow jog but its nice to have company sometimes (besides the dog).

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One mile warm up- half mile my sprint/jog, one mile warm down.

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3.5 miles comfortably slow.

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6.21 miles in 57.57.52. Its a PB but not 'official' Don't know if my little speed sessions has helped towards that one coz it was tough going I ran over four miles of into a strong wind including the last half mile.
I'm delighted with myself gong to reward myself with a big mug of coffee and a very thick slice of banana bread

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Have been on the turbo and a four and half mile run this morning- have had another dose on me- hope I'm not going to spend the winter now with one sinus and chest infection after another- so I hadn't got out in a week. Struggled through todays run.

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Two more 2.5 mile runs- and half hour sweating on the turbo trainer!

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5k tempo in 27.07, had a very good run- really enjoyed it, got my heart pumping! I seem to be doing 5k and 10k in training that I would be delighted to do in a race setting- I've probably hit my peak after the race season

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7 mile in 1.09.53 Enjoyed the run.

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4k in 22mins- I had a little window of time between home from work and kids to bed so just went out and ran!

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5k on Friday in around 28 mins and another 5k today a bit slower just under 29 mins. Was able to get out 4 times this week so I'm happy with that.

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Another 5k today- wasn't in the mood for it my legs felt heavy and tired.
Thinking of starting a half marathon plan for the half in Bohermeen in March. Ideally next week would be a perfect start week it would give me two weeks to sort myself out if I tuck into too many selection boxes over Christmas!

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3 more miles. Won't get out for the next few days, Sunday night will be my next chance.

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21/11- 3 mile
23/11- 5 mile

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25/11- 5 by 400 metre (well 1/4 mile) I tried to keep it in around 2 mins for each 400 metre but ended up going a bit faster than that and did the 5 in 9.22 mins. I'm sure that when I increase the amounts I'll slow it down!

27/11 3 mile- 26.58mins I felt fine struggled a bit when I went out first it was freezing even though it was the first night i ran with my jacket (a cycling one) then when i got past the 2nd mile I was too warm!!! Going to look for a proper running jacket like the NB one I seen for e20 in TKmaxx a few weeks ago and never got!

First week of the Hal Higdens intermediate half marathon training done, bar one 3 mile- chances are I'm not going to get out for 5 nights so I'll drop the Thursday night 3 mile and make sure that I get the more important days in. I have an extra two weeks in there too before the Bohermeen half at the beginning of March to allow for bad weather and Xmas. I don't know what time to aim for- I think I should go safe and aim for 10 minute miles so 2hr 10 min but I'd love to do it in around 2 hours. We'll see!

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30 minute tempo run- peak of it into a very strong wind. Found it hard to keep my pace slow at the beginning but I felt I done ok. I had a couple of hills as well on that route so it made it a bit tougher. Covered 3.30 miles so time wise I probably covered the same distance as I would if I kept a steady pace at that distance so I don't know if that means I should have gone a little faster or if I done it properly

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