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Need a holiday but will be 25 weeks pregnant?

We want to plan a holiday for early April in Sorrento or Amalfi Coast area but I will be 25 weeks pregnant. All we want is a quiet relaxing week, somewhere with pretty views and nice restaurants. I know parts of that area can be hilly with lots of steps, can someone please recommend a nice hotel with a pool or particular area which would be suited to pregnancy.

All replies greatly appreciated

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Amalfi itself is gorgeous, with tons of good places to eat. There are hills all around but you don't have to climb them! The beach is nice, with deck chairs and parasols. It's really relaxing. I'd recommend Hotel Luna Convento on the edge of town.

The only stress might be getting there as you have to travel by road (or boat) and the roads are very windy!

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Hiya , we were in Sorrento on our honeymoon in August and absolutely loved the place. Just be aware there are no beaches in Sorrento though as its a harbour and a lot of the nice hotels are built into the cliff face. Any of the good hotels do have their own decking areas on the water though where you can swim and sunbathe. There are tons of places to eat, good value too..we stayed in the Ambasatori hotel which is 4 star, fab hotel, excellent staff.. great inclusive option, food was fantastic, and nice and quiet hotel with older clientele, very relaxing, no children running around the pool etc. about a 12 minute walk into the town itself though so if you think that would be an issue, ask a travel agent for another hotel nearer the centre itself.. very relaxing place though.. would recommend it

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