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Anyone who has completed placement and has written their report, could you please help me.
On the section on 'Learning Opportunities' did you stick to the guidelines on one topic per page, or is there room to add more topics to the page. I'm only a quarter of a page into this section on Interpersonal/Teamwork skills. I've only a page and a half left to write on the whole report and I've hit a wall. I've said everything I could possibly say about my placement, yet I need to write more.

ulinbac Registered User

Don't Stress over the co-op report because its not graded. Just look at the company you worked for website, see what they outlined as necessary skills etc. and repeat in you own words.

For Interpersonal skills, talk about meetings you were in, our getting to know others (how you networked). You can use this to talk about your communication and listening skills improving. If your overly stuck use google and loads of diagrams/charts.

The co-op office are well known for not doing much, and the last thing they will do is check co-op reports.

Dan133269 Registered User

Believe me, they won't even read the thing!

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