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Hi All

Just wanted to get some advice on a problem with my 2001 Nissan Almera. I have had the car for 2 years now. I am the second owner and it has been fully maintained by myself and the previous owner. When I bought it with 73000mls the timing chain was replaced straight away. It needed to be done. The car now has 96000mls and I have never had any problems with it. However about a month ago I noticed that the rev needle started jumping when it reached about 3000 revs. There was no difference in the performance of the car. At the time I thought that perhaps is was the rev counter that may was faulty. A few weeks later the car began to give what felt like a misfire. More noticible when it was cold. I believed that the plugs were most likely failing. Got the car serviced new plugs included. No change it felt the same' if not a little worse. At the moment that problem is still there and has been for the last 2 months. It is missing on acceleration like it's jumping. I finally got a engine management light which gave me a code . It was a random cyclinder misfire detected. Reset the code and believed that a coil may of needed to be replaced. Checked the coils with one that a friend got for me in a scrap yard. All the coils have been checked and the problem with the rev counter and the misfire are still present.One day during the cold snap the engine management light came on again .The light was not there the following day. Really dont know what this problem is. I really hoping that its not a timing chain problem again. I dont believe it is as Im sure I would have had a cam sensor fault code at this stage. The oil has been changed about three times in two years. Recommended for the Almera and it history with the chain. Could it be stretched again after 20000mls? The fault code I got could be anything really. Its just jumpy rev counters and almera's means dodgy chain. Advice would be great.

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Maybe try cleaning the throttle body out, possible
build up of carbon or dirt. If no improvement try swaping the MAF sensor
with another car same as yours. Good luck.

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Cam/crank sensors on these can give trouble. They're Renault parts. Cheap enough to replace.

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Sorry to tell you its most likely chain again!
A P0300 random misfire is a fault that can be caused by chain, other codes such as p0335, p0340 and p0011 (i think) can (usually do) relate to chain problems.

The replacement of Ckp and cmp sensors on these is usually a short term fix, but unless they have completely failed will not solve your problem.
AFAIk these are not renault parts.

The only way to find out is have your mechanic check tensioner protrusion or confirm with a scope the quality of both sensor outputs and synchronisation (this is the most accurate method and you wont be wasting money on parts that are not required)

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Can you tell me what actually happened in the end? As my 2001 Almera has the same problems, But also a loud rattling noise too which I thought was exhaust but its not. Also engine light is on for a day then off for a day! meant to do a long drive tomorrow and with kids on board I dont really want to be breaking down .....This is all getting increasingly worse over the past few months but has never actually broken of yet... just jumping/misfiring when cold mostly, loud rattling noise and Engine light it has 81000mls

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i have the same problem in my 2002 almera lads..its driving me mechanic tried air filter and said it continued doing it. noone knows what it is and he says he dont want to b ordering loads of parts randomly costing me money but i dont know why its doin it serviced 3 months ago and if its timing chain surely they would just know that..wer all bewildered to wht it is..i have the money to fix it but they dont know what to do wit it..

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It is the chain lads - sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
I had an almera myself and it was anightmare. The timing chain is an expensive one so it is a balls when it goes.

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