drunkmonkey Registered User

Is Snus legal here, does anyone know where you can get it?

Do you look funny with one in your mouth, i would like to try it.

BeerNut Moderator

It's illegal to sell in all the EU except Sweden. You'll need to get it from there.

Fajitas! Registered User

A (Swedish) friend of mine uses it a lot. It leaves a really nasty stain after a few years use, and it can look a bit odd - like a rotting-sticking-out-tooth if someone doesn't know what it is.

Delancey Closed Account

A Swedish friend of mine was doing his Military Service ( compulsory there ) and perfected a way of keeping snus in his mouth without it ever being noticed - even on parade.

Kersmash Registered User

Some of my friends brought me back some from Europe. It didn't really have any efferct, I didn't enjoy it too much.

Ruski Registered User

They have it here in Arab shops past DIT Aungier Street. I tried it a few times. It was awful.

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