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Felt better today and just back from a sneaky 5k run with the Father before New Years festivities commence. My last training session of 2010!!
Time: 26 minutes
Distance: 4.97km
Pace: 5:12km/8:22mile
Avg HR: 133

Another year over and thankfully an enjoyable one. Looking back over 2010 i have a few positives/negatives,

1. Dropping nearly 3 stone in weight since the start of the year.
2. Running my first marathon in Cork under 4 hours
3. Generally just feeling much healthier and fitter than i have done since i was 20.
1. Missing out on my priority goal of sub 3.30 in DCM
2. Not running enough 10k races

Looking forward to 2011 i have set myself the following goals.
Race goals
A priority race - IM UK which i hope to complete in under 12 hours
B Priority race - London Marathon in which i hope to complete in under 3:30
C Priority race - Half IronMan in Cookstown in which i hope to complete in under 5:30
D Priority race - DCM (providing London goes well) a sub 3.25 marathon

Other goals,
a sub 1.35 half marathon
a sub 41 min 10k
Hit over 1500kms running next year
Hit over 6000kms cycling next year
Hit over 200kms swim next year
Get the BF % down to 7%

Happy New Year Sports Fans!!

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No LSR completed due to time constraints and still feeling like a womble!!

Long Bike - Performance Test
The last time i was properly on the bike was Nov 21st so decided i would do the course again to see if the last 5 weeks on the turbo has helped. Still feeling a bit sniffly and it was brass monkeys outside so i put on two pairs of gloves, tri suit with cycling tights underneath, base layer, cycling top, cycling jacket, waterproof jacket over and hat under helmet. I was still bloody cold.
Anyway to draw a comparison, stats from both sessions
Distance: 56.19km
Time: 2:12:31
Avg pace: 2.22 per km
Avg speed: 25.4kmph
Avg HR 144
Distance: 56.02km
Time: 2:04:00 (7% improvement)
Avg pace: 2.12 per km (5% improvement)
Avg speed: 27.1kmph (7% improvement)
Avg HR 144 exact same

Overall happy with that as not at 100% and the conditions felt windier today. Still making progress and a sub 6 hour bike could still be on the cards with another 10-15% improvement in the next 30 weeks.

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Week 7 Summary

28 - 02January# sessionsTime hh:mmDistance kms
Conditioning00Strengthening Work - Gym
Other00:00Swim coaching

Totals so far
15 Nov-02 Jan# sessionsTime hh:mmDistance kms
Conditioning65:30Strengthening Work - Gym
Other31:30Swim coaching

Very dissapointing week, no swims completed due to the gym closing a crazy number of days over the holiday period and generally only hitting about 50% of planned volume for the week due to sickness.
Due a recovery week this week but will rerun the planned week 7 numbers and take a recovery week next week. I have 4 weeks to play with in my plan between now and IMUK so no real panic. The missus is due in 3 weeks so i plan to have another light week around that time which will then see me into the build phase of my training plan.

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Myself and Oisin will be doing that run in the park on saturday if you're still interested. Probably about 18 miles at 8:30ish pace...

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menoscemo said:
Myself and Oisin will be doing that run in the park on saturday if you're still interested. Probably about 18 miles at 8:30ish pace...

Yeah Niall well up for that, what time? I assume meeting at the Papal Cross car park? 8.30 pace is fine aswell.

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jackyback said:
Yeah Niall well up for that, what time? I assume meeting at the Papal Cross car park? 8.30 pace is fine aswell.

Not sure time, will get back to you on that. Probably around 10am. Yes at papal X car park.

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Swim - Planned 60 minutes
Tough going after the week break but felt better as the session went on.
200 warm up and [email protected] sec rest
Distance: 3.2km
Time: 71 mins

Run - Planned 60 minutes
My first proper run in a few days, started off very slugish with the first few miles rolling in 8.50/8.46/8.48 kick started the engine with a 7.36 and then hovered around 8.30 after that. Ended up running longer as i wanted to get miles into the legs and i am trying to find my running mojo back.
Distance: 15.9km
Time: 1:24:56
Pace: 5.20km/8.35mile
HR: 148

Started the new diet today, early doors but enjoyed my salmon fillet and salad (no dressing) dinner

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Run - Lunchtime Run Z2
Going to go on a bit of a running streak for a few days so set off for a quick run at lunchtime. Kept the pace steady throughout and shortened my stride up the hills, i checked my cadence 3 times through the run and was hitting 88 each time.
Distance: 5.6km
Time: 26:35
Pace: 4.44km/7.38mile
HR: 158

Swim Coaching - 40 minutes
I will probably do this for one more week and then allocate this time to a yoga session as i am getting very little out of the coaching (standard pretty bad)
Distance: 1.1km
Time: 40 mins

Core work out - 30 minutes
A quick workout at home when i got back from the swim followed by a few stretches with the foam roller as the quads are tight.

Day 2 of diet and the detoxing is well under way, felt a bit light headed today at times.
Up at 6am for a heavy enough swim session in the morning, yipeeeeeee

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Lots of good work going on there JB you will cruise sub12 with that work ethic Good stuff on the 10*300s thats a solid session. I'm hitting 88 on the running too but it doesn't feel natural yet. I've started to ween myself off the crap too but its a slow process for me

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shotgunmcos said:
Lots of good work going on there JB you will cruise sub12 with that work ethic Good stuff on the 10*300s thats a solid session. I'm hitting 88 on the running too but it doesn't feel natural yet. I've started to ween myself off the crap too but its a slow process for me

Cheers Shotgun not sure about cruising the sub 12 just yet but will keep up the volume and revise in a few months.

I was thinking we must try organise a Long Bike Ride (4-5 hours) somewhere central and get a few of the HIM/IM posters out for a group spin later in the year, would be good craic.

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AM Swim - planned 2.5km straight
Up at 6am and into the pool at 6.30am, tough to get going but once i got a few lengths i was fine. Struggled in the last 15 lengths or so and had to do a few bstroke recovery lengths mixed in to keep things moving along. Right shoulder is slightly sore could be shoulder doms. I really need to get something into me before these early morning sessions as the hunger pangs heading into work were unbearable.
Distance: 2.5km
Splits: 1k split: 24:35, 2k split 25:05 and the last 500 was a 13.52 so need to continue working on swim endurance.
Total Time: 63:32

Lunchtime Run - 40 min Z2
Decided to continue with the running streak and set out at lunchtime. The plan was to hold a steady 8 min mile pace including two hills on the route. Running cadence was 86 and increased to 90 on the hills as i shortened my stride. Good session and felt strong throughout
Distance: 7.9km
Time: 38:40
Pace: 4.57km/7.58mile
HR: HRM not working

Nightime brick session - 45min bike 15 min run
Loaded up a hilly session on the turbo and kicked off. Legs felt a bit weary for the first few minutes but soon had the power and cadence up. I was constantly shifting up and down the gears as there was continous rolling hills. Tough enough section with 530 mtrs of climbing (some 12/13% gradients), a fair bit of climbing in just 26kms.
Distance: 26.3km
Time: 45
Power: 235
Cadence: 98
Speed: 35kpmh
HR: HRM not working
A quick change into two dry layers and i was off out, even after a long day i felt good and tried to hold 7.30 mile pace for the 15 minutes. Alas the legs started to weaken in the last 2/3 minutes after what has been a long but productive day.
Distance: 3.9km
Time: 18:22
Pace: 4.42km/7.34mile
HR: HRM not working

Into day 3 of the diet and it's going really well, had a quick check on the scales and i have dropped 4 pounds already.

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Gym session - 1 hour lunchtime
5 minute stretch (stiff from yesterday)
Leg Curl - 45x15x1, 50x15x1
Leg Extension - 50x15x2
Leg Press - 110x15, 120x15
Bench Press - 50x8, 55x8, 60x8
Squats - 80x8, 90x8, 100x8
Hyperextension - 10kg weight/15x2
Situps 30x3
20 minute core work
10 minute stretch and cool down

Bike - 60 minute zone 1 maintain 100+ cadence
Kids were out with the missus so got my hour in early tonight before they got home. Took it easy tonight after last nights tough session.
Distance: 34.5km
Avg speed: 34.5kmph
Cadence: 107
Power: 185 watt
Avg HR: 126

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Lunchtime Run - 60 min Z1/2 easy
Legs heavy enough from the gym yesterday and with a long run planned for Saturday morning i took this one easier than i normally would. I am convinced the HRM does not like some of my clothing as the reading for the pace does not look right at all, felt nowhere near that effort. Miscalcuted route by 2km which resulted in an earlier finish!!
Distance: 9km
Time: 48:32
Pace: 5.27km/8.47mile
HR: 158 (yeah right)

PM Swim - planned 2.5km
We will mark this down as one of those sessions you want to forget quickly. Struggled throughout and never got into it.
300mtr warm up
1x300 @ 40 sec rest
4X200 @ 30 sec rest
1x300 @ 40 sec rest
200 mtr cool down
8x50 drills (hated these tonight)
Distance: 2.3km
Total Time: 62 mins

LSR - Planned 150 mins
Group session in the Phoenix Park which consisted of me, Menescomo and Ainman who was doing one loop of the course. The plan was to run at a pace of 8.30, we done the first loop closer to 9 min miles but picked up the second half to finish off at an average pace of 5.23km/8.40 min mile. Really enjoyed the company and the run itself, felt fine throughout bar a stitch around the 23km mark which i ran off quick enough. Legs feel ok after so recovery is certainly improving on these long runs. We passed the cars at mile 17.3 and given Menescomo is a garmin nut we had to pass the finish point to clock up the 18 mile
HRM obviously still on the blink graph looks like the Wicklow Mountains.
Distance: 29.1km
Time: 2:36:54
Pace: 5.23km/8.40mile
HR: 154

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Jaysus 2.5 hours is a quality LSR. Great to have the company for it. Did you have water/gels with you? The garmin spikes can be annoying alright

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Your Graph looks nearly as spiky as mine, there must have been something in the air.
Also Wondering how the hell you did 2 seconds per mile faster than me Damn Garmins aren't really that accurate when you think about it.

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