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Hi all

complete diy rookie here so sorry if this are silly questions to ask!

re weeds and holes

I have a front garden and when i returned from holiday found about 40+ weeds had grown , many of them large, and they are all in the area closest to the concrete driveway

before this there had been no problem with lawn and it was cut regularly

as i had done with the back garden i set about cutting the weeds out with a small knife(as i prefer not to use weed killer and find it quite theraputic!)

unfortuntely after pulling 20+ weeds up , the area looks like it was attacked by gophers, as there are a large number of visible holes in the grass(as i said the majority of these weeds are large and when the root was cut out the holes measure about 1 inch wide by 1 inch deep)

ive now decided abandon cutting the weeds out( as i dont want more holes) but need advice as to how i can best get rid of the remaining weeds ,have a nice lawn again and get rid of the holes

Q re the remaining weeds/the lawn

Do i leave the lawn for now , just mow it, and put weed killer down later ?
If so , when do i put the weed killer down ?
If I do put weed killer down now, is it going to turn the particular area black and what do i do then?
When do i "reseed" it ?

Q re the weed holes

i assume i need to fill these in ,what do i use to do that ? i have compost for flower bed, can that be used or do i need "top soil "?

i assume i can sprinkle "miracle grow" grass seed in these holes to replace the old grass

apologies if these are daft questions but am very much a garden rookie !

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My advice would be to spray the lawn with weedkiller, specifically for broad leaf weeds. This will kill the unwanted weeds and will not affect you grass. Read the instructions first though to ensure that the weedkiller doesn't kill grass!!
The weeds won't turn black, but rather just yellow.

You will still need to dig the weeds out after they die, but by spraying them first you'll stop them from spreading. (better to have 20 holes in your lawn than 100!)

You can fill the holes in with whatever you want, Grass will grow on almost anything. I had the same problem, my lawn was taken over by thistles! I had some sand around, filled the holes in with this and the grass grew over it and you can't notice anything!

I had even planned on get some grass seed, but before I got a chance the grass took over and my lawn was back to normal.

There was tool I used, can't remember what its called, but it's like a garden hoe or something. Its circular on the bottom, basically you just pushed it into the ground around the weed, twisted and pulled, and out came the weed and soil! Made digging out the weeds a huge amount easier! I'll try find a pic and post it here for you.


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I think it's called a widger! Never would have guessed that!

Can't find the one I used online, as they are all short handle ones. The one I used was a long handled one, meaning I didn't have to bend down.....:-)

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