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Episode 10 was the finale? Damn....

Took a pretty dark turn in the end - the last episode was definitely not light.
It'll be an interesting start to the 2nd series (if there is one).

4m viewers on USA is really good (White Collar does less than that), so I'm optimistic.


Honestly i DON'T see the appeal??...i watched ep. 8/9 and it had nothing of note or of interest for me, nothing about it makes me want to see it each week. I checked out those two just to see if it improved from the first two eps. - it didn't.

The numbers have been fairly stable, on the low end for USA but i think it might be enough for a second season, but i think it's the weakest of all USA shows. WC has higher demo numbers though.

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Is it any good? I might check it out.

Mr E Administrator

Ah yeah its very watchable and pretty enjoyable. It won't worry the Emmy committee though.

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Fairly Legal, the hit US legal drama, will receive its UK premiere on Universal Channel this spring; Sunday 10th April at 8pm to be precise.


Season 2 seem a lock now, with the main stars appearing at the USA upfronts on May 2nd:

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Pretty harsh when your show creator is kicked off the show to make "creative changes"

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Watched the 10 episodes over the past 2 days and while its trash, its trash of the most entertaining kind. The concept may not be the most original but it works great, especially the manner in which they work the overall story into the weekly procedural aspect. The characters are well rounded and believable, the relationship between Kate and Justin is really well handled and even the supporting characters are given something to work with. It's bright and breezy but doesn't hold back with delivering emotional moments, parts of the show feel almost as if they belong in a show such as Damages.

With so much TV striving to be adult and taking adult as to mean copious amounts of blood, sex and language , Fairly Legal manages to be adult but at the same time perfectly acceptable family fare. It's kinda nice to see an adult show that you don't need to turn off should a younger brother or sister walk into the room.

Sure to bring a smile to fans of the supporting characters.

Darko Registered User

Richard Dower said:
Pretty harsh when your show creator is kicked off the show to make "creative changes"

As I understood it the decision is somewhat liked to the fact that the show-runner has is involved in a number of other shows and the Network wants to ensure that season 2 builds on the strengths evident through the first. There is a lot of room for improvement in the show and if a new show-runner can make every show as good as the last episode then I say bring him on.

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Starts on RTE 2 tonight at 2am

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JP Liz V1 said:
Starts on RTE 2 tonight at 2am

They're such a joke. I know they most likely got this in a package deal but it's still probably better than the RTE produced stuff like Fancy Vittles or Mattie jesus.


Season 2 kicks off tonight on USA, be interesting to see how it performs on a Friday, normally a death slot for netowrk shows but USA has had sucess in the past with shows airing on a Friday, so i'll be looking at the number closely over the coming weeks.

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