Monkey09 Registered User

Anyone know of anywhere that will buy my secondhand school books?? Preferably somewhere in town. Have books for the LC and JC. Most are in perfect condition!

H2student Registered User

Well my bookstores are accepting them right now. Not sure about you.

A question I wanna ask is, how much can we expect to get? Just want to know approximately so I don't get ripped off

Cen92 Registered User

A second hand bookshop?

Brendog Registered User

At the toilet store?

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Ashashi Registered User

Wise Owl always seem to be fair.

Oh_Noes Closed Account

Throw them in the bin, money can't buy that kind of satisfaction.

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Appleglue Registered User

The Wise Owl
look em up, I hope to head down as soon as possible and get rid of all these books, Ridiculous to think there are some I never used, as new like irish books and french books, School book scam every year.

ajjmk Registered User

Sell them to a younger friend who will need them next year

Monkey09 Registered User

Thanks people.

Was hoping to get the name of a book shop based in town.

Here's a link to the book i do have, if anyone's interested...

NR Registered User

ajjmk said:
Sell them to a younger friend who will need them next year

That's what I intend to do that with Revise Wises and the like. Thankfully in my school we just get all our text books on loan and hand them back at the end of the year, so we're not left with a huge pile of needless books.

muffinz Closed Account

i was thinking of just giving my friend my less stress for success for physics.. should i sell it to her?! i cant even remember how much i bought it for...

Appleglue Registered User

hard to find somewhere in town where they'll take second hand books.
Chapters used to ... a long time ago in their old shop

wayhey Registered User

Do they not still, in the new shop on Parnell St.?

PlayGirl Registered User

Any places other than the wise owl still accepting second hand LC books?

Their website says they're no longer accepting them

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