Amtmann Closed Account

Just wondering how the McDonalds restaurant and service station is coming along off the M8 at Cashel? Has construction started yet?

ItsAWindUp Closed Account

First I've heard of it!

tipperaryboy Registered User

McDonalds Cashel really?

Amtmann Closed Account

Well, the story going is that Topaz and McDonalds are building a service area off junction 8 of the M8, across from the halting site. It's to catch all the Dublin-Cork traffic. Any sign of construction there? Planning permission was granted well over a year-and-a-half ago.

Harcrid Registered User

The site has been cleared, and some kerbing laid for the roadways but there has not been any construction for months now. It looks like it is on hold for some reason.

archtech Registered User

it should be starting shortly from what I can gather. they are just getting the all necessary paperwork in order with the local authority before starting.

Southsider1 Registered User

It'll all be built sectionally so they'll just appear with all the gear one day and hey presto McDonalds will be knocking out burgers in the shadow of the Rock before you know it.... The golden arches beside the Rock of Cashel.... Nice!

Amtmann Closed Account

How long will it take to build once construction starts, I wonder? The McDonalds will do great business I'd imagine - it will catch all the motorway traffic plus local business probably from as far away as Cahir and Thurles even (Thurles is only a bit over ten mins away from Cashel now with the M8 after all).

ongarboy Registered User

Well, November opening is confirmed according to Sunday business Post

Amtmann Closed Account

That doesn't give them long to build it. Has construction started?

Amtmann Closed Account

Topaz just got back to me there. Construction works are due to start within the next two weeks, and a 22-week build period is envisaged. It will open for sure by late November or early December, I am told.

pat13wx Registered User

No construction work on a new Topaz or McDonalds has started in Cashel from what I can see.

macjohn Registered User

Are texaco on the start of the old Dublin road and tesco the only filling stations in Cashel now or is there some out the Tipperary road?

Off topic 1. is Cashel Motor Works closing? Moving back to old premises? 2. What is being built behind Minouges furniture store?

Amtmann Closed Account

Well it was supposed to start construction about 2 or 3 weeks ago. That's what Topaz told me when I rang them. I hope it starts quickly, as services are desperately required on the M8. It is absurd that the NRA never constructed any when the motorway was under construction. Typical Irish backwardness and stupidity.

pat13wx Registered User

Still nothing going on regarding a Topaz or a McDonalds. Not sure what's going on, the site looks ready but no work being carried out...Perhaps they're considering a different location? In any case, I suppose if building start within the next week or so they could still be ready for the Christmas period.


I think all that's happening behind Minouges furniture store is they're building an extension to their existing one. It seems to be coming along nicely.

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