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Anybody have any ideas where would be a romantic place to propose in Ireland? I'm here too long to see any romance in the place!

I've been walking out with a girl for six years now so I better cop on and get this over with! (ah the romance!)

Any suggestions would be great.

PS: We're both into history, wildlife, music, nature and anything outdoorsy and adventurous.

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Hmm somehere romantic in Ireland, that could be tough. I wouldnt see much romance in the country either to be honest.
Maybe the cliffs of Moher? I suppose they could be seen as romantic if yer both the out-doories type.
Or just go to a really nice village for a day or two and do it there, Dunmore east in Waterford or somewhere to that effect.

vonnyob-giggles Registered User

Somewhere remote and special.

It wont matter where its the how you do it that will matter, it will be what you say and how you propose that she will be most touched by

mega man Banned

the airport

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I did it in Ashford castle, venue was craicin and they were deadly

amdublin Category Moderator

The Phoenix Park.

Clareman Moderator

Cliffs of Moher is a great shout, and keeping with the Banner theme, you could book into Dromoland Castle, or stay in Doolin, or Bunratty Castle (there's a folk park as well as the castle where you could propose)

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Connemara. Roundstone is a lovely village and the landscape around there is amazing.

West Cork or Kerry. The landscape driving from Cork into Kenmare is incredible.

Carlingford Lough. Climb the mountain in CL and look across the country. Just don't get blown away; it's always windy up there.

Glendalough. Go for a walk up towards the Spink, bring a little picnic, find a quiet spot to look at Lug and you'll probably have the place to yourselves.

Mount Usher Gardens Ashford. Not exactly outdoorsy but gorgeous.

Donegal. Anywhere on the coast is amazing.

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Yoda08 Registered User

+1 for Glendalough
or depending on where you are, Gougane Barra in Cork is beautiful too.. have a bit of a walk, a picnic, lovely old church etc etc

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A few months ago my partner and I were wandering around the countryside and found the PERFECT spot that ticks all yopur boxes....romantic, outdoors, private and a ral gem.

Here it is: If you're ever around Longord, take the turn off the highway into Ballymahon (the edgeworth's twon road). Once in Ballymahon, take a right turn at Nally's pub and drive straight on till you reach a sign (there are many and several turns you can use) pointing out Newtown Cashel to the left. Drive on into the town and take some time to see the Cathedral (beautiful) and the scenery (it won the tidy towns gold award last year). There's also a good bit of info on the history of the town at the heritage centre if you like that kind of thing.

Then, go on up to the Disused quarry and admire how they turned it into a little heritage park. Very nice and tranquil, beautiful pond and carvings into the rock. Then, take the little path up the rocks to the Lover's Retreat....passing a carving depicting the romantic legend of Diarmuid and Grainne....then up to the lover's seat, overlooking a great view and propose!

Hope this helps.....if you DO go there pleeeeaaase let me know if you liked it, I just thought it was so perfect and wished i wasn't already spoken for so someone could propose to me there

imme Registered User

the place ye first met,
a place that's special to both of ye,
on her birthday in a fancy restaurant,
on the top of a hill/mountain with a panorama.

boban z Registered User

Anybody else have any other ideas.

Going to pop the question in early december and trying to find the perfect location at the moment.
Have everything else more or less sorted. Perfect location is all that is missing.


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I can't think of a more romantic place!

wobzilla Registered User

Smithfield chimney

mrsberries Registered User

My man proposed to me in Lough Key Forest Park back in March. He sat me down in the wishing chair ( he brought me here a couple of weeks after we first started going out and I had made a wish that he would be the one ) before getting down on one knee and popping the question. Thought it was fantastically romantic!!

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