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Well I'm selling a gorgeous Breedlove if he wants to check it out on adverts.

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Hi Nahguavkire,

Didn't mean to kick your mule! Glad you got something you liked, but you missed the bit where I said "Just my opinion" We all have different tastes, that's what forums are about. The best guitar you've ever played may not be the best someone else ever played. No need to be so defensive. I know you paid a lot but no need to justify it, just be happy with your choice! My Lakewood cost me much less than €2,500 2 years ago with flight case included. What can I say, I'm happy!

Nahguavkire Registered User

Ah I know well man, don't worry about it

Collings are still the best though, heh heh heh

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Creamy Goodness said:
i know there's martin and gibson (they aren't great with acoustics), lowden etc.

On the contrary, Gibson have made some of the most beautiful and great-sounding acoustic guitars ever!

Of the newer makers, Taylor and Takamine seem to me to be a good mix of value and quality.

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