dunkamania Registered User

Apparently this has been signed for Affliction 3.
Weight is uncertain, as Vitor last fought at MW, but Mousasi says he cant make it anymore.

Disappointed, was hoping to see the phenom back in the UFC

Jason Mc Registered User

The card is shaping up to be a cracker.

You'd pay to watch those 2 fights alone

(Fedor and Barnett, Vitor and Mousasi)

cowzerp Registered User

This would be a cool fight..

MMAgic Registered User

Should be a great bout, Vitor has looked great last few fights and Mousasi is a monster!

Jason Mc Registered User

yeah he took care of hunt very easily

hunt didnt even get to do the atomic butt drop

much to my dissatisfaction

Maynard Registered User

Hunt is becoming a (slow) moving puchbag at this point.
This Vitor fight has the potential to be a real war. We saw that Vitor had the power against Linland, I'd like to see if he still has the staying power as well as the punching power. Suffice to say I hope so

dunkamania Registered User

Vitor syas fight wont happen, unless its at 185

Maynard Registered User

Mousasi says 185 is out of the question.


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