Denerick Banned

I would like to think that I am not the only male in the world to have ever suffered an embarressing erection in a public place. Off the top of my head, I recall it happening at the following places:

My grand aunt's funeral... going up for communion.
Mass in general when I was a horny young toad and still living at home.
In school (10-20,000 times)
At College (10-15 times over three years. I seem to be less aroused these days. Maybe something to do with more booze and less exercise)
In a shop I used to work in.
This morning on a bus when i desperately needed to get off at my stop.

we all have them, and usually make a pretty good job covering them up. But when you get them at a time you really could do without them, how the hell are you supposed to get rid of them? I used to think Sonia from Eastenders would cure me, but that doesn't work ever since I saw her in the front cover of a glossy not looking near as bad as she used to.

What the hell does everyone else do???

RandolphEsq Banned

Nip and tuck

NADA Registered User

Yeah I know what you mean. Hard luck mate!

Captain-America Registered User

Looks like you've been in a few sticky situations.

jester77 Registered User

You obviously not much of a wanker

bleg Registered User

tuck it in under your belt

Denerick Banned

There's simply no way of nipping and tucking effectively though... How can you do that on a busy city bus???

Usually my bag covers my front in a rather conspicuous manner. Ah well, better than being done for public indecency or something!

An File Laoch na hImeartha

Take it out and wave it at everybody, everyone looks away.

Problem solved!

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Captain Morgan Registered User

They always seem to come when you're coming up to your stop or when I was in school just as the bell was about to go. Fúcker would pick his times

galwayrush Registered User

It's refreshing to know it's in working order, Don' worry about them.

congo_90 Registered User

There have been some terrible times! had one coming home in a taxi with a friend.. bit of a bumpy journey.. I was wearing tracksuit bottoms and in the front seat! oh well.
It's funny in school when someone is caught out. I'll never forget some lad in my class who got an erection in a class with a teacher who had large boobs but a ronnie too ugh. He wasn't ashamed of it either This was an all lads school too so I wonder how he came out haha

Hagar User 7841

I used just tuck it into the top of my sock to prevent just such embarassing moments.

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Abi Closed Account

Not for some perhaps, but it makes me laugh if I catch a guy with one. The guy is hardly (excuse non-intended pun) being perverted, its unvoluntary.

beardo81 Registered User

Is it embarressing if I have one writing this?

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galwayrush Registered User

Hagar said:
I used just tuck it into the top of my sock to prevent just such embarassing moments.

Excellent, until you forget which leg it's strapped to.

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