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Dovado has a thread here.

But Linksys, Dlink, Netgear, Draytek and others do them too. You can also use an old PC with ClarkeConnect (free Linux Router).

But this is a nice solution too:

There is also an app to turn smart 3G/HSDPA phones that have WiFi into a hotspot.

There are many advantages to using a Router compared with 3G modem direct.

  • Firewall protection (Windows built in Firewall is rubbish)
  • Share with more than one user
  • ethernet or WiFi to things with no USB or no 3G drivers
  • WiFi for iTouch, Archos, PhotoFrames etc...
  • Block some users at certain times or from certain sites
  • Position router for better 3G signal, even outdoor in weather poof box or upstairs at mast facing window.

I've looked at cradle point before and converted a Linksys Router to portable Battery Operation. Handy having Mobile WiFi Hotspot to listen to BBC R4 FM in car or update Maps...

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I'm slight confused Watty. In the Meteor Broadband thread you commented that 3g wireless was

watty said:
for Phones, mobile gadgets and occasional use on the go. Not for Home or Work fixed Broadband.

On that basis, is a 3g router that relevant a product?

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I bought a Solwise 3G router from broadbandbuyer.co.uk and it works just fine sharing out my (totally crap in the evenings) service from Three
It was only about 60 euro which is only half the cost of the likes of Dovado.

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It lets you use WiFi gadgets or ethernet with anythning the 3G modem won't work on.

You can put the modem in a better position without limitation of USB cable length.

It's not going to make it any worse for one user, but add convenience and sometimes improve the signal. If you have a very good connection then a couple of people or more can browse or you can use alternate computers without having to swap the Modem and install the software.

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watty Registered User

Here is review of the Solwise:


Much as it is NOT a replacement for "real" broadband, 3G/HSPA Mobile is very useful if you are out & About. You could use this via cheap mains adaptor to cigar socket as WiFi in car too.


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jor el Closed Account

I'm going to sticky this, as it's useful information to have alongside the Dovado thread.

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OpenWRT examples with 3G Modems

E220 USB


Other ideas

If you install the free ClarkConnect router software on an old laptop or PC you can add the USB 3G dongle as the WAN instead of a 2nd ethernet card by following instructions to add 3G USB to Redhat or Fedora Linux. If you use that as a router for external bridged DSL modem, or fixed wireless or cable modem via the normal 2nd ethernet port configuration, then you can set up the ClarkConnect router to automatically switch over to USB 3G if normal internet fails.

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Dr. Nick Registered User

watty said:

Much as it is NOT a replacement for "real" broadband, 3G/HSPA Mobile is very useful if you are out & About.

Having moved from eircom 7.2meg to mobile (moved to the countryside) I have to say that o2 mobile has often been faster than eircom. Of course, it has also been much worse than dial-up......

It's all I have for the foreseeable future so here's hoping there are more good days than bad. Obviously you can't depend on this technology for running a business from day to day, but so far I can cope with the annoyances of daily surfing.

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Are there any issues with installing software on PC's etc when using the 3G broadband through a router?eg when you use the 3G dongle thingy directly with a laptop or pc you have to intall the software onto the computer before use. How is this set up done when using the 3G dongle through a router??

watty Registered User

Nothing to install. The Modem drivers are PRE-INSTALLED on the Router. Unless you are using OpenWRT or DD-wrt, you can't add a modem not already on the built in list.

Just use normal ethernet or WiFi. So the 3G then works with WiFi Internet radio, gadgets, any OS at all with Networking, Sony PS2, Xbox etc (Badly due to lag.latency).

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Anon47 Registered User

M Solwise needed a firmware upgrade after I bought it but its very stable now. I just needed to supply one parameter called the APN.

Into Everything Registered User

Has anyone used this router, Edimax 3G-6200WG 3G Router with Print Server. Selling in peats.com for €90.

See it here http://www.peats.com/cgi-bin/catalog.cgi?view_product=1&id=25634

Thanks in advance

P.S. Using it with vodafone 3g E220 modem (for the minute but I will be changing unless they increase their download cap)

watty Registered User

Home page

I'm not sure I'd want one with built in print server as this has, as you would want printer near a PC where you working and 3G router on a window sill upstairs. Peats isn't what I'd call a bargain store and I'm suspicious I only see Bling Gadget Hype Boy Toy places mostly selling it ($149 to €83 )

If I needed a print server I'd use a separate one.

Ironically *my* print server is upstairs near window (beside PC desk actually) and my router is on a shelf in the kitchen (but it's a router for cable modem).

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OK confirmed this week that if you put a USB PCMCIA adaptor into the PCMCIA slot on any Router supported by OpenWrt (e.g. WRT54G3G) you load the standard USB drivers and then the USB host ports work with

  • USB hard Drive holders for IDE/SATA drives, even with NTFS
  • USB 3G Modems supported by OpenWRT/Linux
  • Some USB webcams
  • Standard USB Souncard dongles
  • USB Printing
  • USB Memory stick

I imagine a USB Cardreader can be got working too.

the tested adaptor was a Maplin STLabs USB2.0 2 Port Cardbus adaptor. It has a 5V DC in socket to allow a total of 1A (2x 500mA USB) which the PCMCIA slot can't usually deliver. Lower current USB devices are fine without a PSU.

There are 4 different drivers depending which USB chip the PCMCIA card uses. The correct driver loads and wrong ones dont' and can be uninstalled.

The USB host ports on a PCEngines Wrap Board only need a PC USB motherboard to rear panel socket adaptor. Alexis/Soeckris boards similar.

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mimnagh Registered User

Hi, I'm having trouble connecting my 3G router to work. I hope someone can help.......

I just bought the Edimax 3G router above but i'm having trouble connecting my 3 Mobile Broadband modem - Huawei E180

The driver (disk) only has software for windows and i'm using a MacBook - To overcome this i have accessed the router settings using and entered the APN for 3 which i believe is 3ireland.ie

From reading other posts, it seems that the APN field is the only field to enter. There is no pin set on the modem so i have left this and other fields blank.

So, when i plug the Huawei e180 modem in to the edimax router - the blue light starts but there is no internet coming through

WiFi light is orange...

Do i still need software? I can;t find anything for the Mac OS on the Edimax website.

I would gratefully appreciate your help - Thank You

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