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hi all, my parents are 25 years married in august. ill be away but i want to sort out the present so my unimaginative brother can get it from the both of us. problem is, budget is v limited. maybe 100 euro. theyre already away so thats out and all i can think of is a restarant voucher but like they could easily just do that themselves...any ideas? i dont think the budget could stretch to a weekend away and i dont think theyd want that cos of work etc.

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Couple of bottles of good wine ?
Or one bottle of really good wine.

I'm of the Bernard Black persuasion when it comes to wine so wouldn't know a whole lot about it mind you but you should be able to get a fairly aright red & white out of that wouldn't you ?

Bernard Black: <Slurs> "The more expensiver the wine the gooder it is"
Manny: <Slurs> "But also, the older the wine the gooder it is also ..."

A nice gift box and card. Its probably something they wouldn't feel justified spending their own cash on.

Personally I went with a couple of gift vouchers for their favorite restaurant, but i was out of the country at the time so choices were limited.

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Champagne and cook them a meal.

Ainekav Registered User

sherifu im not gonna be at home at the time.
so i dunno if thatd work..

c-13 thanks that might be a good idea alright

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