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I've got a double glazed window that has a bad draught when the wind blows. From what I can tell by myself the window seal is not good at all about 1/2 way up the window on the side opposite the handle.

My problem is that I don't know enough to know whether there is anything I can do short of getting a new window fitted. I've attached pics of the hinges and what I call the plastic thingies (??) in the hope that somebody can say 'oh that's a XXX window and you should do YYY'. The house is about 10 years old and I believe the window is the original installation.

thx in advance,

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I had the same problem last year (I Think). If you look at your window there is a black rubber seal and It's shot. What i done is I got some window/door sealer It comes in a coil and is stickey on one side and put it under the black rubber seal. This raised the black rubber seal just enough to form a seal again.

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oh that's a XXX window and you should do YYY

Sorry couldn't resist.
I've heard theres a guy in the portlaoise area that services pvc windows.

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The plastic thingies are called 'keeps'. When working they should pull the window to the frame. Perhaps yours are wrongly positioned or too small? Had the same problem myself at the bottom corner of the windows and an extra set of keeps solved it.

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Thanks for all the replies so far.

gordys - any idea where I would get these keeps ? Woodies, B&Q ?

the GALL - same question - where can I get the sealer you're talking about.

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you should get it in any diy place woodies atlantic etc etc

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Update: -

What I referred to in my original post as 'thingies' I discovered through internet searching were more commonly known as 'locking wedges'. I didn't see any in Woodie's etc. but I didn't spend too much time looking locally. I was able to order a pack from a shop in the UK via ebay - <5 euro for a pack of 10 +p/p. Installed them tonight and now my windows seal as tightly as the proverbial duck's bottom

There's nothing like the satisfaction of feeling like you've fixed a DIY problem without calling in a professional - now for the other 197 jobs on my list !!

thanks to all who replied with tips and suggestions - much appreciated

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any chance you could post a picture of them installed....and the site you got them from

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The original wedges had a height of about 10mm and the new ones were about 17mm. I read somewhere that you should lash a bit of petroleum jelly on to help it close easily. That worked very nicely.

The new screws you see in the pic were just double threaded 4mmx20mm that I got in Woodies. The original ones were the kind used with power tools and there wasn't enough penetration depth with the new bigger wedges. I guess that when the house was originally built the installers just did a crappy job and the previous owners just burnt more gas as a result to keep the room warm.

The ebay shop is http://myworld.ebay.ie/ctippnewconnections and the wedges were under the home security section

installed wedges.jpg
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I cant figure this out.....you had a draught on the side with the hinges and they solved it, was there a DRAUGHT anywhere else on the window mine seems to be all round the window thats why i was saying use the sealer/that the rubber bead was gone. Anyone any ideas on how to fix this?. it seems to be more on the side where the handles are as in the corners.

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My hinges are on the top and the bottom of the window - you can see in the photo I posted originally. The draught was on the side opposite the handle.

I've now figured out that the reason for the draught was that the existing locking wedges were too small. This meant that when the window was closed it was snug to the frame on the side of the handle but the opposite side was loose.

If you imagine the window as a rectangle with three guys each pushing it on one side against the frame - that's the handle and the two hinges. The side with nobody pushing is going to tend to push away from the frame. The locking wedges act as the fourth pressure point.

Perhaps one thing you could do is fit some locking wedges near the corners where you have the draught. As the window closes the wedges will automatically force the window towards the frame and you should get a tighter seal.

One thing that might be causing this problem is if either your window or the frame has become slightly warped so it's no longer flat. Then when the handle closes you'll have a tight seal at the handle but the warping would cause a gap in the seal at the corners and hence a draught. Maybe you could run a flat ruler along the window and frame edges to test whether this is what's happening. Good luck.

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Hello nb1967
How did you work out where to put the wedges so that they would close tighter, or did you just replace the old wedges with thicker ones?

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Millennium bug said:
Hello nb1967
How did you work out where to put the wedges so that they would close tighter, or did you just replace the old wedges with thicker ones?

mate,the thread is 3 years old at this stage.

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So you think maybe they've moved on with their lives?

Thanks paddy 147

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Just for anyone who may have found this thread afterwards. The issue with the windows was most likely not the wedge, a larger wedge simply pulled the window tighter, the issue seems to be the use of top hung hinges on a side hung windows.

We have an 8 unit apartment block with the same problem confirmed by two glazing companies. A total of 8 windows in each unit and 90% leaking air due to incorrect hinges. We replaced all the hinges and sourced them from DGS Limitied in the Westlink Ind Est in Ballyfermot Dublin who supply most Windows Supplies in Ireland so cost was minimal.

The rubber seals don't shrink, normally its play in the hinge.

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