skuzzb Registered User

Im not sure, those asrock boards are decent enough! Remeber how popular the cheepo DUAL board they had out with the AGP/PCI-E and ddr1/2 options!? They were solid performers for dirt cheap!

RoyalMarine Registered User

here's my best M-ATX build (matx is small form factor. they are much smaller than normal cases.)

20" monitor
125.51 euro
power supply

total for system + monitor = 717.
just need a keyboard and mouse and speaker's now

conzy Registered User

This is probably what I will be getting in June unless there is a serious price drop on the Q9450 and 9800GTX

I already have 4gigs of OCZ Platinum PC2-8000 and a case etc

RoyalMarine Registered User

geeez 125 euro for 1tb drive is insane.

conzy Registered User

Indeed Its one of the fastest and its quiet too!

Blowfish Registered User

5uspect said:
Great thread! I'm considering upgrading my ancient PC within the next 12 months and was hoping to keep the budget fairly tight and hang onto my old monitor mouse keyboard etc.

I'd probably stretch to about €1000 at most if I didn't have to overclock (this machine would have to last a few years!)
As an alternative to conzymaher's, and if you need a case and OS as part of the 1k, you could go for this:

Been thinking of going for something similar myself actually to tie me over until Nehalem.

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RoyalMarine Registered User

jesus thats very similiar to my rig! and it cost me a LOT more than 1000 euro

Sqaull20 Registered User

What was the OP banned for?

Blowfish Registered User

Sqaull20 said:
What was the OP banned for?
By request apparently. My guess is it's exam time

papu Registered User

By request apparently. My guess is it's exam time


RoyalMarine Registered User

hahah legend conzy not back until end of june. that sucks!

unklerosco Registered User

Just found this thread now... Man the prices have come down a hell of allot. I'm off to spec me up a long overdue PC...

Sqaull20 Registered User

Those matx's case's are the job...

I must have one...

@ Royal can you recommend any decent motherboards that will overclock?

Would like to get about 2.60ghz out of E2180 with box fan...

Was going to buy a Dell Vostro and use it as it as htpc ( they are so cheap ) and some gaming on a 42" lcd...

This is what I have so far, not sure about the mobo, but its cheap and has decent reviews...

TerrorFirmer Registered User

I saw that S2L in PC World today...priced at about 55, so pretty decent considering you'd factor in postage on an online site. Was looking at it, seems like a good board. Every gigabyte board seems to be excellent for overclocking....and that's only a 600mhz increase on the 2180's stock, so I'd say even a crap board would get that out...(cue horrible memories of my msi neo-f)

Exar Khun Registered User

What websites are you taking those scripts from?

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