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anyone know any thing about the car boot sale that is on on the last sunday of every month?
is there many traders?
what sort of stuff is being sold?
is it indoors or out doors?
i'm looking the sell there at the end of this month! any help would be great

themadchef Closed Account

Hi, didint spot ur post on the boot sale till now. Been to the boot sale a few times. Outdoors, and not too many "house sellers" if you know what i mean.

There's a good few sellers all right but they all seem so familiar like their there every time. Lots of what i'd call junk. But it's good old craic and you can hit the odd jem now and then! Fireplaces, lots of Tool stuff for na lads, Some dodgy lookin charachters too .
New sellers would be very welcome, but i think it starts early.....not too sure about booking your space either. Best of luck with it.

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