• Blathnaid (28.22%)
  • Mary Kennedy (23.76%)
  • Miriam O'Callaghan (48.02%)
skibunny1uk Banned

As I get on a bit myself I find I'm more taken with the more mature Irish lady. Indeed my mates all agree but what I want to know if I'm going mad and/or blind? So I gotta ask ye all
Mary Kennedy of Eurovision/Open House/Nationwide fame or that fine Meath filly Blathnaid Ni Cofaigh?? Or Miriam O'Callaghan

Some food for thought!!

Dave! Moderator

Miriam is the only one who comes to mind.......

What age is Andrea Corr? She's the hottest woman in Ireland.

Agent Smith Did you enjoy the fuhrer's birthday?

Blathnaid Ni Cofaigh...

Ruu_Old Closed Account

Miriam out of those but Anne "I am Anne Doyle. I am the news" Doyle blows them all out of the water and is a boards.ie legend. *sports I <3 Anne t-shirt*

I say!

Mr E Administrator

Twink !!


The Bollox Registered User

honestly, wtf is with all these threads about absolute mingers? none of them are in the least way sexy or appealing. I mean come on! atleast have a poll option stating "the buck stops at the Seoige sisters" or something. Sile ftw!

Kintarō Hattori Registered User

Ooohh your such a bollox! Mary Kennedy is a fine thing!

skibunny1uk Banned

The Seoige wenches! I ask you. Visually appealing but little sex appeal for us 40something males. Maybe the TG4 cailini though!

Stephen louis walsh has pie!

Out of the given options, Miriam wins hands down. Mmm...

illegalheadbutt Registered User

Out of the given options, Miriam wins hands down. Mmm...

She's had around 37 kids though....

tallus Caveat Emptor

Not older, but certainly a sexy Irish female celeb.
'Nuff said

aequinoctium Registered User

miriam from that list

MooseJam Registered User

Miriam is getting the most votes because she is showing off her chest, it's like hotornot show a little skin and you get a great score, Mary Kennedy is actually better looking imho

GhostInTheRuins Registered User

Get rid of that thing Blathnaid from the list. *shiver*

Pigman II Banned

Miriam is getting the most votes because she is showing off her chest,

No I think you'll find she's getting the most votes because (a) Blathnaid looks like a man in drag and (b) Marys face conjours up mental images of her naked body being equally as wrinkled.

Miriam isn't much better either. She resembles Pob in a wig.

There must be some better looking older Irish women on tv than these 3?

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