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Just realised how my last message makes me sound like a Southern American hill-billy.

For the record, I am not a hill-billy. A culchie perhaps but not a hill-billy.

I'm doing my exams...my brain's fried...leave me alone!

niall3r Registered User

charity shops rock and sometimes you can get some great deals for a lot less than even second hand book shops.

plus amazon and the bookdepository.

Denerick Banned

awesomebooks.co.uk is by far the best in the world. The.best. bookshop.ever.created.by.man.

not bakunin Registered User

charlie byrnes in galway! how many happy hours have i cashed in there..hmm....

also, Young's Interesting Books in westport. does exactly as it says on the tin. interesting.

janelovestravel Registered User

nesf said:
Cork: Vibes and Scribes on Bridge St (just up the hill from Patrick's Bridge). Always worth popping into for a quick look. Sometimes you can find very interesting stuff in there. They've two new shops on Lavitt's Quay (I think that's the name of it, it's just down along the quay from the Opera house anyway at the "back" of Paul St). They're mostly for new stuff or art stuff though. Second hand stuff is downstairs in the Bridge St. shop.

Love that place, great quality of books and always helpful staff, cannot reccommend enough, easy to find what you want.

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Denerick said:
awesomebooks.co.uk is by far the best in the world. The.best. bookshop.ever.created.by.man.

Fully agree. Nearly every book is 1.99 pounds and shipping's free.
2nd hand books galore.

Really like this site.

tomcollins97 Registered User

any second-hand book shops in limerick?

for-why? Registered User

anywhere in dublin good for second-hand college books? that, or places with good philosophy or politics sections? there is the college bookshop itself, but it tends to be more miss than hit, especially for politics.

wantacookie Registered User

every saturday there are stalls in the square in temple bar! the traders are really nice and you can pick up all sorts of books for really cheap!

Book worms should beware!

WesternNight Registered User


As mentioned before, Charlie Byrne's in the Cornstore on Middle Street.

Also, Book Exchange at the bottom of Abbeygate Street does fiction etc downstairs and schoolbooks upstairs.


Scéal Eile on Lower Market Street.

kurenai Registered User

tomcollins97 said:

any second-hand book shops in limerick?

There's a few second-hand bookshops in Limerick.

There one in High Street called High Street Bookshop but he can vary his opening hours.

One in Little Catherine Street above the Knock Shrine shop, called Little Catherine Street Bookshop but he is shut a lot of the time.

Phil's Bookshop is on Anne's Street, near the Thomas Street Car-Park.

zesman Registered User

Does anyone know anything about second hand bookshops in Sligo, are there any?

genie Registered User

zesman said:
Does anyone know anything about second hand bookshops in Sligo, are there any?

Yes, there is one on The Mall. Don't know it's name, sorry.

There are also a few charity shops which have books, too.

missypiggy Registered User

There's a great St. Vincent de Paul charity shop near the old tesco in Killarney, their book section is pretty good and unbelievably cheap...like if you get a good lot they normally only charge you 50c-€1 per book. Plus they're super nice in there

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If you ever come to Brussels, there are several second hand bookstores in the Rue du Midi area.

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