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Hi there. In a fit on non-studying madness, I decided that I would host the CTYI wiki.
OVer the years, CTYI students have battled with Wikipedia as to what they can and can not include in the Wiki entry. With the dedicated CTYI wiki, everything and anything can be added so long as it is directly (or indirectly) related to CTYI.
it is at and needs a bit of filling out. So far, I have created a Quotes page, a Traditions page and a course details page, but we need much more for this to go anywhere.

Also, we need a logo.

So, anybody willing to start copying the quotes from the relevent threads into the relevant section of the Wiki? (I would, but the Junior Cert looms.)

So, go and make it your own, kiddies.

(If anybody has a graphic that I could use as the logo PM me. Also, if anybody feels generous enough to buy a DotCom (or DotIE) name for it, let me know. It will make it a hell of a lot easier to shamelessly promote at CTYI this year)

Feral Mutant Registered User

I don't feel generous enough to buy a domain but if you're looking for a better address to promote it easier, you could ask these folks for a wiki, not sure you'd have enough suport to get one though.

slasher_65 Registered User

Us CTYI people are so cheap....
We should have some sort of collection to pay for three years worth or domain name. It would only cost 30 bucks or so for three years. About the thing, meh. This one is set up. And hosted/controlled by me. So we can do whatever we want with it.

Jack Lynch Registered User

It looks good. Fair play.

Acid_Violet Registered User

Well done, email people around or bebo people(can't blieve I just said that......) asking for whatever input they can/want to give and for quotes/stories etc.

Acid_Violet Registered User

Oh! Ask around for video clips/links eg. Pineapple Wedding, Evan beating Kevin. You can get 'em off youtube, or better yet ask the maker David Hanley for 'em. Also, ask Kevin if he'd be prepared to donate some footage from CTYI '05. He could sell/advertise his dvd's of that session on it too, and what about your own reording of the talent show? All the possibilities.........

Acid_Violet Registered User

And Jeff's many pictures and slideshow! Don't forget the slideshow!

Jack Lynch Registered User

I still haven't gotten my DVD off Kevin. Does it exist at all?

slasher_65 Registered User

I don't know if I still have a recording of the CTYI talent show... Gosh darn it. I will have to check it out and host it on my own server or something.
I don't have a bebo addy. Does anybody want to help by making a sort of 'send this to 100 billion ctyiers or get run over by a 4X4. Oh, by the way, add your own stories, traditions and quotes to the CTYI wiki at' message? Will email Kevin. I'm sure he will donate. He is nice that way.

Anybody care to ask Jeff for the slideshow? Tell him that I will host it.
(Come on lads... I have over 150GB worth or web hosting to kill. Lets see how much of it we can fill!)

slasher_65 Registered User

Yup. Lost the Talent show recording. Does anybody still have it? Email me at and we will sort out a way of getting it to me.

Wait.. Colm has a CD with it on! I wonder if he still has that CD.... That would be great....

Raphael Moderating is Magic

Jack Lynch
I still haven't gotten my DVD off Kevin. Does it exist at all?

Doubtful. Wonder if we should hunt him down to get our money back...

Acid_Violet Registered User

He made eg. editted all the clips together so it's made but not burned onto other dvd's yet. Maybe with this website we could encourage him to finish making them and not embark on a brutal campaign of terror against him.......

Raphael Moderating is Magic

I can be encouraging! Fire encourages people, right?

Feral Mutant Registered User

I can be encouraging! Fire encourages people, right?
One way to find out.

Raphael Moderating is Magic

If this is the Session 2 '05 talent show (Building a Henge, are we...) then I have the recording of it, can upload it over the weekend while in college.

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