walshki Registered User

Started today. They have a brochure. Some of the deals:

37" LG HD ready tv (Model RZ37LZ55) - €999.99 (was €1899.99) - 5 per day
UMC 15" LCD - was €249 - now €149 - 10 per day
14" Matsui TV DVD Combi (CRT TV) - €69.99 - 5 per day
Matsui DVD player (not divx as far as I can tell) €20 - 10 per day
1GB USB pens down from €70 to €20 - 10 per day

Loads of other stuff (MP3 players, kitchen apps etc).

corkproducers Closed Account

Ill post the leaflet up there for the pc stuff, if i can find it.

wba88 Registered User

they are very good, wish i lived in cork (this wkend only!)

MisterAnarchy Registered User


1GB USB pens down from €70 to €20 - 10 per day

Originally €70 ?
Joke .
€20 is about right .

Dr. Nick Registered User

Thanks. But they opened over a week ago? Over-priced gear sold by under-qualified salespeople.
I might swing by there tomorrow anyway.

Bought a Bravia 32V200 LCD from Komplett for €1449 the other day, Curry's push LG and other certain brands on you.

btw, Sony centres are looking for €1899 for the same tv.........

walshki Registered User

Dr. Nick
Thanks. But they opened over a week ago? .

Indeed they did. I suppose they waited a week for people to know where they were before they had the sale. Was there at lunch time. Lots of people - few bargains as far as I could see but I suppose someone turning up at opening time on Saturday or Sunday might get something. Had a decent looking offer on the Linksys wireless router WRT54GSUK (think thats the model) at 49.99 and that one wasn't limited in numbers. See link for model details

Mr.S Moderator

37" LG HD ready tv (Model RZ37LZ55) - €999.99 (was €1899.99)

thats nearly 1k of the price

Owen Registered User

Currys have a 1Gb Compact Flash card for 99 Euro. I broke my ass laughing at that one! You can get 4 Gigs for that these days.

okidoki987 Registered User

If the queues are anything like the other new store openings they've had, you'll have to start about 5 hours before opening time for the
major specials!

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