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Yes, them.

I ordered a lens from a German camera supplier (Digital Wonder World), which was eventually dispatched to me via GLS. Having done some googling on the company over the past few days, I've read nothing but horror stories about their service.

To cut a long story short, my package has seemingly been bounced around depots and has sat in one for the past five days, but as the depot numberings in their package tracker is their own internal numbering, as opposed to the numbering in a list of their depots that they have available, so I have no idea where my lens is being held. As I'm travelling to the US for two months on Friday coming, I really would like to get this lens before I depart. And as such, has anyone actual contact numbers that will work or a link to depot lists that will give the numbering of the ones listed in their package tracker?


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Ordered some computer equipment from Dabs.com (about €650 worth), their courier in dublin was GLS, their delivery driver left just stuff in the porch of the house and drove away.

I use An Post now, when they don't get an answer from the house, they have the sense to take the goods back to their depot.

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they have a warehouse in Blanch GLS

General Logistics Systems
Unit 47 Rosemount Business Park
Dublin 11 (Ireland)

Telephone: +353 1 8606-200
Fax: +353 1 8606-251


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How about a company that does not deliver to rural Ireland? Over a number of years I have had to drive to various locations to pick up parcels from this company as they do not deliver other than to main road locations. At the moment they have a parcel of mine that they will not deliver because I live in a rural area, they argue that the postal address is wrong! The parcel arrived with them five days ago, I paid for express door to door delivery. I could have gone and got the goods the time it has taken GLS.

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Hmm... my boyfriend bought a lens which was supposedly signed for and delivered, but not his signature and nobody was in the house at the time... anybody know anything about what level of insurance they have and the like? It was ordered from England, and via Parcelforce then GLS, but I'm not sure whether insurance was actually purchased. I don't think it should be needed in the circumstances though...
Any thoughts?

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ordered bike part in England 3 times, each time order end up being sent back was told to make sure your phone number is with order, but this did me no good. I have emailed the royal mail (parcelforce) and made a complaint about GLS. But you can take this company to the small claims court it cost 9.00 euro but the main problem is the drivers are all nonnatlions and cannot find there way around. if I was you I'd take it to the small claims

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I recently had a package "sent" via this company. All i can say is they appear to be absolute cowboys, firstly they said that they attempted delivery but that it was a wrong address (its the address i put on every other bit of mail and courier stuff and they seem to find my "invisible" house).

After this they said it was missing, so i rang them up. After 45 mins on hold they said that they lost the parcel and didnt even apologise. Really a poor poor excuse for a courier and they must be by far the cheapest out there otherwise i dont know why anybody would use them

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They delivered an item to me that was shipped from the US. It arrived soaking wet and badly damaged and 18 days late!

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Last summer I ordered a dog bed from Zooplus.ie (.ie but really in Germany) The parcel spent a fortnight going around a depot in Germany.I really had hassle trying to get it.
GLS Ireland just kicked to touch and said it had nothing to do with them as it was in Germany.
Zooplus said they were trying but only moved when I threatened to charge back my card.
When the parcel arrived(about a month after dispatch) it appeared as if a truck had driven over it - literally,the cardboard box was destroyed and bound up with tape.Luckily the dog bed was soft and in a heavy plastic bag so it was fine,but how any company could let out a parcel in the state it was in is beyond me.

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I have been trying to find out how good/bad GLS are since yesterday as I am just about to open an account with them to deliver my products to the UK and Ireland. I had hoped they had improved since a few years ago when they were notorious for being bad. Needless to say I will not be signing up with them after reading this.

No customers should have to put up with this consistently high level of incompetency described above and in so many other discussions I have now found. But more importantly no company should allow its own products to be shipped in such an irresponsible manner.

At the end of the day a company will survive while providing this kind of nonsense service ONLY because it gets away with it. And it gets away with it ONLY because its customers do not protest enough to the right targets.

If every dissatisfied customer did at least one of the following this rubbish service would soon either go to the wall or be forced to get its act together:

GOLDEN RULE: Keep a diary for every transaction over the internet, for example record each event, each effort you made to rectify the situation, whatever you were told each time, and the name of the person who dealt with you on each occasion, etc. This kind of record carries a lot of weight in a court, or even when applying to Paypal, etc. for a credit card chargeback.

1. After the situation has eventually been rectified (i.e. chargeback, delivery finally arrived etc.) write to the company from whom you purchased the product describing your experience with GLS. This carries more weight AFTER the situation has been rectified as emotions are running high during the event and the company will put your complaint down to your anger/frustration, etc. However, receiving a calm, collected complaint after the issue has died down cannot be dismissed so easily.

2. Send a copy of the above letter to GLS Head Office.

3. Write to Customer Affairs describing your experience and enclosing a copy of your "diary of events".

4. Go to the Small Claims Court to recover any losses or costs to you. This will only cost you a nominal fee (9 Euros or thereabouts) which will be reimbursed if you win. Remember that there are very strong and clear EU and US based rules regarding internet trading and a seller's liabilities, the most important being that regardless of geography internet traders have automatic legally binding commitments to adhere to - regardless of what they may wish to write in their own Terms and Conditionss.

You may feel that your single complaint will make no difference but the power is in numbers and all the above would soon react strongly if they were receiving regular written complaints about the same company.

For more on your rights as an eCommerce customer the IIA (Irish Internet Association) has a very useful and clear guide.


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Oceana2u said:
Needless to say I will not be signing up with them after reading this.

Good choice. I'd avoid any company that only offer GLS for delivery.

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Thanks for reminding me.....I had another episode recently.

I sent 2 Zippo lighters for repairs.Zippo USA sent them to their European repair centre in Germany(why they just couldn't repair them in the US I don't know)

Germany seems to like GLS because my lighters were returned via them.

The packet was left on a neighbours doorstep,my house number was clearly on the envelope and just around the corner literally from where it was left(there was someone in all day here)

Luckily I have decent neighbours

I checked the tracking number - it had some fictitious name as having signed for it

I complained by email to GLS and Zippo : no response.

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Well interlink/dpd just lost a 37" TV I was due. It left Athlone due for Limerick but never appeared. It was the second TV that week! So I guess its not just GLS that are completely incompetent.

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And to that, I had an absolutely atrocious experience with UPS lately. Is there no reliable, decent courier company? It took UPS 10 days to get something to me that was 'guaranteed' in 2, and only after I rang them twice and gave them instructions to a massive government building in the center of Galway City they said they'd never heard of and couldn't find (the county Council).

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If its any good, we use Fastway for all Irish deliveries and its rare to have a complaint. All goods must be signed for by the recipient, but fastway will not accept a parcel from us unless we have a mobile / daytime number for the recipient - this way the courier with the goods can contact the recipient before delivery to ensure its delivered properly.

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