Aldini98 Registered User

Frankie from Corrie, sex on legs !!!!!

Adam Baldwin, dire need of a visit to the barber !!!

jobonar Registered User

Frankie from Corrie, sex on legs !!!!!

Adam Baldwin, dire need of a visit to the barber !!!

Well put!!!

irishcsifan Registered User

i agree, Richard Fliecheman is just oh so sexy and even better now that he has dropped the whole goth look.

For older guys I think that Grant Mitchell is the best. Possibly because of his hard guy image, though he was a total prat in tonights episode

richard fliecheman is so sexy my sister and love love love him


Niamh in Fair City.

Amazingly hot.

squeaksqueak Registered User

Well, it just has to be Richard Fleeshman! Sexy AND talented! I mean - the lad has God's gift!! I only wish I was a good few years younger .....

Marshy Registered User

Janice from Corrie, wouldn't say no to her.

nollaig Registered User

Coronation Street: Sally Webster (1 of those who isnt obviously sexy but hot nonetheless),

Eastenders: Ugliest Soap around. Carly?? That new blonde is ok, I guess.

Emmerdale: Jasmine!!! Fine pair of assets. Cain is a lucky fella!

Fair City: Louise Doyle is progressing nicely!!!

Aisling(",) Registered User

Richard Fleishman Craig From Coronation Street

Adam Baldwin from Coronation Street

Justin Burton from Hollyoaks

Rhys From Hollyoaks

Scráib Registered User

Roxanne Pallet. Annoying character but veerrrry sexy!

jobonar Registered User

Scrá said:
Roxanne Pallet. Annoying character but veerrrry sexy!

^^agreed, i'd forgotten about her for some reason!!!

arctic lemur Registered User

Alli Babba
Well guys and gals who is the one soapstar that you think is HOT!!!!!!!

Mine has to be ADAM BALDWIN in corrie
that accent wud have me weak at the knees

well wats yours .....

No Way! i prefer Jamie Baldwin, those cheeky eyes etc. etc. ......

jobonar Registered User

arctic lemur
No Way! i prefer Jamie Baldwin, those cheeky eyes etc. etc. ......

but he has the worst haircut in any soap!

Dave! Moderator

Nikki Sanderson and Tina O Brien


fcl Registered User

i'm not a huge fan of the show but louise doyle is absolutely stunning. i saw her in real life one time and she looks even better... she reminds me of jennifer ellison from brookie.... shes sexy!!!

x Purple Pawprints x Registered User

Oh some of you have great taste I have to say.

Here are mine:

Home & Away: Kim Hyde. I can't remember who plays him though. Chris something-or-other. He is hott. Also, Luke. You know yer man, Matilda's bf. And even though he was totally loopy, Jonah. Actually most of the lads in H&A are hott.. with the exception of Alf etc.

Eastenders: You know that lad that Demi ran away with a while back? He took an OD? He was cute. But the one I like at the mo is Bradley, there's just something about him!

Corrie: I don't really watch this but Richard Fleeshman (?) is a fine thing!

Neighbours: Either Boyd or Stingray's older brother, I can't remember his name.

Fair City: Darren Doyle/Lorcan Foley (wasn't that his name?)/Joshua. That's all I can think of.

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