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Favourite Prison Break Character (32 Replies)

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new prison break (4 Replies)

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Just started watching and something doesn't make sense. (2 Replies)

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The Next Three Days (4 Replies)

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Allen Schweitzer (12 Replies)

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T-Bag returning to our screens. (1 Reply)

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Sky Atlantic

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Prison Break back on RTE Sept 2nd - Day after US Start (27 Replies)

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English, Fitz and Percy (5 Replies)

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Repeats (2 Replies)

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Prison Break Season 1 re-runs. (3 Replies)

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Favourite Episode? (5 Replies)

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It's Overrrrrrr (6 Replies)

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UK/IE: "Prison Break - The Final Break" [**SPOILERS WITHIN**] (56 Replies)

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US/UK/IE: 4x21 - "Rate Of Exchange" AND 4x22 -"Killing Your Number" [SPOILERS WITHIN] (97 Replies)

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What now for the cast? (9 Replies)

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Remove sub-forum? (1 Reply)

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Fox Confirm Prison Break is Pulled (51 Replies)

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Why did the Company put Linc in Jail. (6 Replies)

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Will Prison Break ever return? (13 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Prison Break: The Final Break Movie on SKY 1 (19 Replies)

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US/IE/UK: 4X20 - "Cowboys and Indians" [** SPOILERS WITHIN **] (40 Replies)

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US/IE/UK: 4X19 - "S.O.B." [** SPOILERS WITHIN **] (20 Replies)

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Series Finale will air May 15th with a 2 hour long special (11 Replies)

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