New Cut Chemist album

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recommend a few albums... (27 Replies)

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Under rated MC's (20 Replies)

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Live Tonight in Voodoo Lounge...

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Wu Tang stuff (4 Replies)

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gnarls barkely (19 Replies)

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Cork Hip-hop week 2006 (4 Replies)

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snoop dogg (18 Replies)

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Ice Cube - Laugh now, Cry Later (3 Replies)

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Isn't 'The Tipping Point'... (7 Replies)

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Yo! MTV Raps (18 Replies)

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BADTASTECRU, to compete in World Breakdance Championships

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best dr.dre album (23 Replies)

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KaN - ArcH Collab (1 Reply)

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Another Call Out (2 Replies)

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Dr Dre - Next Episode Re-Edit/Blend (2 Replies)

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Just s verse

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mc battle coming up...sign up here... (1 Reply)

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Smoke vs Archimedes (14 Replies)

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Archimedes - Get Real (2 Replies)

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Nelly Furtado Maneater - Timbaland (18 Replies)

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Open Call Out (11 Replies)

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So Talib Kweli actually getting worse? (3 Replies)

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Upcoming Albums!!! (15 Replies)

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outlawz (12 Replies)

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