Gaeilge Thír Chonaill - Where are you from? (2 Replies)

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Practice Irish

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Volunteering or working at a Gealtacht as a third level student? Is it doable?

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Irish words for muscle and vein (6 Replies)

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Pros/Cons - Driving licence/correspondence as Gaeilge. (11 Replies)

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Cúrsa Cruinneas sa Ghaeilge i gCúige Mumhan ? (1 Reply)

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Translation of "Irish King" (1 Reply)

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Ag lorg astriúcháin (3 Replies)

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Help with a name (2 Replies)

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Deireadh Fómhair v. Deire Fómhair (5 Replies)

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dúisigh mé ar maidin agus chuaigh me...looking for this song (14 Replies)

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Translation to Irish please (3 Replies)

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Pronunciation question (4 Replies)

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Repeating Irish Leaving Cert:Mature Student (24 Replies)

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Dánta Michael Davitt agus Máire Mac an tSaoi (2 Replies)

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Aistriúchán nó seanfhocal Le bhur dtoil! (2 Replies)

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"Cad Is Saoirse Náisiúnta Ann?" - Alan Titley

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Short Pronounciation question (29 Replies)

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Ó Pheann an Phiarsaigh - Pádraig Mac Piarais (2 Replies)

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Prayer Translation (4 Replies)

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Name translation or meaning. (5 Replies)

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Famous Irish language books (3 Replies)

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How to say want and need in Irish (6 Replies)

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"Is Mise An Tiarna" lyrics (2 Replies)

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Help translate? (1 Reply)

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