Handwriting decipher thread (496 Replies)

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Irish Nurses and VAD's WW1

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Large drapery shop or department store ? (1 Reply)

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Griffith's Valuation Revision Cancelled Books. (5 Replies)

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Electoral Lists 1937-1964 taken down (36 Replies)

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Free Ancestry UK

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Surname: Scott in Ireland (33 Replies)

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how much to get professional genealogist (6 Replies)

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Shipping query (5 Replies)

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dates on title deeds document (8 Replies)

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Is Judy Johanna? A detective story. (7 Replies)

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Family Tree Software (22 Replies)

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National Archives genealogy material down (13 Replies)

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Libraries (2 Replies)

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Help with Father's name on Cert. (16 Replies)

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Pro-Cathedral records after 1900 (2 Replies)

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Some detective work needed! (6 Replies)

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Prerogative Wills (Swanzy) (3 Replies)

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Householders' Index, 1851, 1857--questions (4 Replies)

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Death registration in 1890s (15 Replies)

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Wexford church records (6 Replies)

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What is a grantee? (6 Replies)

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Confirm record with no forename please (2 Replies)

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Handwriting decipher thread (496 Replies)

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Off topic: chat (26 Replies)

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