New LCs 2016/17 Off-Topic Thread (641 Replies)

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**UKCAT, HPAT + Medicine 2017 Entry** (4 Replies)

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5th Years (2016/2017) Off-Topic Thread :) (18 Replies)

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Computer Science? (9 Replies)

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**HPAT and Medicine 2016** (777 Replies)

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Comparative texts for LC 2017 (2 Replies)

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This years results into next year's grading system (34 Replies)

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***The Official CAO Offers Thread*** (484 Replies)

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Easiest Subjects to do outside of school for your leaving cert (42 Replies)

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How much work for 5th year? (3 Replies)

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Is a D2 grade considered a pass or fail ? (5 Replies)

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Adult leaving cert, College of comm (6 Replies)

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*Leaving Cert Applied Maths Thread* (570 Replies)

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Leaving Cert subject choices (1 Reply)

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Thinking about going back to school (9 Replies)

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Repeating leaving certificate (3 Replies)

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can i cancel a cao choice when i already accepted it? (10 Replies)

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Chances of getting a course in second round offers? CAO (4 Replies)

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CAO didnt update my application, Received no offers! (10 Replies)

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[CLOSED] Do you think the LC is fair? (171 Replies)

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Is appealing worth it? (48 Replies)

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